PLAY review: Secret Agent Clank

Clank, Ratchet's wee robot buddy or the unlockable backpack from Resistance: Fall Of Man, gets to star in his very own little robotic adventure in this addition to the 'platform games on the PSP that you really wish had another thumbstick so you didn't have to keep using the L and R buttons to move the camera' genre.

It's only a slight problem, but when a lot of the game relies on you moving Clank around the levels, sneaking up on guards and trying to stay out of their line of sight, it can become a little tiresome having to stop and adjust the camera every time you turn a corner. Getting spotted by guards and tripping laser sensors does, like Metal Gear, start alarms going off and every guard will rush to your position to kill you. It's inconvenient and a little annoying when you stumble into a guard you couldn't see because you had the camera the wrong way round, especially as you're awarded bonuses for getting through rooms without being spotted.

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