Which of this weeks Xbox Live Deals With Gold bargains should you pick up? – 14th July 2015

Neil writes "Last week's Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale was massively overshadowed by the Xbox Ultimate Game Sale, so surely the deals in place with the Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale for 14th-20th July 2015 will bring many more bargains to both Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners? But which are the ones you should be picking up? And which should you be steering well clear of?"

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oKidUKo1101d ago

Deals are a bit sparse, Tomb Raider stands out as the best.

TheBrit1101d ago

Yeah I played it on the 360 and briefly on the Xbox One before sending it back to gamefly, for $9.90 its a steal, already downloading now.

slasaru011100d ago

Risen 3 eventually coming to Xbox one, eh?

xDHAV0K24x1100d ago

I only see RBI '15. I know it's terrible but it's just $10. smh, I miss All Star Baseball on original xbox. Phil! Bring us a baseball game!