Fan Creates Petition for Satoru Iwata Amiibo

Following the saddening news of Nintendo President Satoru Iwata’s death yesterday, a petition over at has been created to release an amiibo of the late gaming great.

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deathtok1222d ago

That would be a nice tribute!

Shnazzyone1222d ago

In his honor there will be only like 100 made and they will all be passed off to resellers directly.

italiangamer1222d ago

Also it would be nice having him as a Super Smash Bros character.

MSBAUSTX1222d ago

Yeah it would and really they have already done some of the work because of that direct from last year with him and Reggie fighting.

MasterCornholio1222d ago

Just what I was thinking.


1222d ago
Relientk771222d ago

It would be nice but can u imagine the scalpers and prices on ebay

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