Metal Gear Online 3: Classes, Skills, Gamescom, Custom Characters and More

New Metal Gear Online 3 info from today's MGO Official twitter Q&A with fans and we've complied most of the major info here. Check them out!

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ArchangelMike1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Metal Gear Solid Subsistence was the first online game I played on consoles, as well as being the first Metal Gear Online game I played, and I absolutely loved it. When MGS4 released, I couldn't really get into MGO2 - I guess I was just too much into Call of Duty 4, which had only released a few months before.

But I have to say, now that I'm thoroughly jaded by the same glut of FPS, I'm ready for something abit different, and this is looking and sounding absolutely phenomenal. I can't wait for MGSV/MGO and already have on pre-order.

nX1224d ago

MGO2 wasn't Call of Duty at all, it felt more like a stealthy Socom with an emphasis on tactics instead of dull run'n'gun. I feel like this will be another incredible online game but I'm a bit worried about the post-launch support because of Kojima's issues with Konami... hopefully this doesn't get shut down like MGO2 :/

ArchangelMike1223d ago

I never said MGO2 was Call of Duty 4. I said Call of Duty 4 had been released a few months before MGO2, and I was still playing COD4 too much to get into MGO2.

But yeah, with Kojima production officially disbanded, who's going to be doing the patches for MGO?

Mainman1223d ago

"Can you make your own character and name them like MGO 2?"

Not happy with this to be honest. They should just go PSN name for online.

It'll be lithered with alternate characters (like on MGO2) again, because people want to either troll or not risk their stats.

trenso11223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

"MGO2 wasn't Call of Duty at all"

people should really learn to read he never even said that in his comment

But OT im in the same boat, didnt really get into MGO till i stopped playing MW2

Ratty1223d ago

It's probably going to play more like MGO2 than the first. That said, smarter/sneakier players tended to have a huge advantage over those who just ran around shooting everywhere. I expect it to be similar.

Get_A_Job_Foxtrot1224d ago

The twitter responses from MGO were absolutely useless.

spacedelete1223d ago

pretty obvious this won't get supported. Kojima said he had loads of ideas on expanding MGS Online over the years but thats not happening now. i won't even buy MGSV. not giving Konami my money.

Ratty1223d ago

I'm sure they'll support it. As for who is going to, I'm pretty sure it's the same team that was supposed to to begin with. The koji pro LA studio. They had their name changed to Konami LA or whatever but they probably didn't get hit as hard as KojiPro Tokyo.

TheHunter811223d ago

They're so vague at times. I'm sure the stun knife will return, or a knife of some kind. As long as we can have knife fights similar to MGO 2 that would be great. I just hope this game doesn't suffer because of Konami.

Ahmay1223d ago

I hope I don't get put to sleep over and over and over with that dart gun..

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