New Star Fox Zero Images Revealed

N247 writes: New images for Star Fox Zero have been released and they’re looking pretty good!

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MSBAUSTX1245d ago

These definitely look better. That hangar shot looks really good. I am actually looking forward to this game. I heard that some of the critics and devs at E3 said it was really good and the switching between vehicles for different types of conbat looked good. We know it will play smooth since it is Platinum.

TotalSynthesisX1245d ago

Nice. Fox looks like he's about to kick someone's ass.

andresegr1245d ago

Even the Bullshots look like a high res pic of a Ps2 game...smh.

I dont understand why Nintendo fans are claiming for high end specs for the NX when 1st party titles look like this...

Neonridr1245d ago

nothing wrong with MK8, Bayonetta 2 or Smash. Not all 1st party games are going to look amazing.

Little Big Planet on PS4 looks cartoonish, do you complain about that game too?

Monster_Tard1245d ago

What PS2 games have you been playing? I really need to check them out if they look like this.

herbs1245d ago

Well this game is rendering the game world twice independently which equals double the load for the GPU hence the not so spectacular graphics. Nintendo are amazing when it comes to pushing their hardware so it would be natural for fans to be excited to see what they can accomplish with better tech. I guess you don't have the capacity to understand or think of that though.

andresegr1244d ago

"Nintendo are amazing when it comes to pushing their hardware..."

LOL!!! I forgot how Splatoon smashed Witcher 3 graphically.

iplay1up21244d ago

There are plenty of first party games that look fantastic, Pikmin 3, Smash 1080p 60fps 8 players. MK8, etc.

StarFox does not look like a PS2 game, go play one and say that again.

I have not been visually impressed with StarFox,but am still waiting to see the final product.

That being said, I bet it will have amazing gameplay. This should a great game. Even if the graphics do not make me drool.

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KuroKazuma1245d ago

wow, render pics
don't care

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