Pro CS:GO Players Admit to Being Jacked on Adderall Drug During Tournaments

When you think of e-Sports and their place within sports in general, you don't really imagine the kind of controversy that usually surrounds actual sports. You know, drugs, prostitution, match fixing and the like. Well, it turns out that at least one of aforementioned activities does take place in the nerd-olympics.

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crazychris41241224d ago

Fake, we all know their jacked up on Doritos and MT. Dew

BABYBONES1224d ago

Shame on them. They could have saved tons of money using meth instead.

GameBoyColor1224d ago

Lol those casuals. Shoot crack in the jugular for the best gaming experience.

ps4lifesucka1224d ago

wow violent games and drugs...?! Someone tell the 24/7 news it's time to scare some stupid parents for profit :)

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