Through the Looking Glass - Halo: Emotion Evolved

Retrospective feature on the emotion context of the Halo series.

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Wildarmsjecht3493d ago


....Off to try and wrap that connection around my head...

jcgamer3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

I was talking about this with another N4G, I forget his name...sorry bro...but yeah, he mentioned how he loves playing the first game still and if it had updated visuals he would play it even more...just like PS3 owners long for a FF VII remake, are some of you 360 guys interested in a Halo CE remake?

@Shroomy and Wildarmsjecht, maybe Bungie could add more emotion in a 360 remake of the game?

uie4rhig3493d ago

meh i agree, the first Halo was the best out of them all, while Halo 3 was the worst .. so yeah i think they should remake Halo: CE for 360

Wildarmsjecht3493d ago

Why not? I consider it better than part 3 thats for sure.

Shroomy3493d ago

The advertisements really gave you the sense of how humanity struggled, in the game you never see marines in such desperation, they'd just die! :P

It would be a much stronger looking story if emotion was strongly conveyed in it, sadly not.

Kill Sarah3493d ago

i dunno what the hell is this but i know it's good cuz " HALO " is in it , yes halo the superior FPS game , the best exclusive game on the X360 and the best FPS game on all consoles , a game the poor sony droids wish 2 play .... aaaaah who am i kidding halo is nothing but an over hyped piece of sh1t , damn it even i hate it ,it's so damn boring and soooooo over hyped i don't play it anymore

RAM MAGNUMS3493d ago

I'm about to throw up!
masterchief is a icon & all but jeez!
way to saturate the market with the title.

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