Topspin 3 Review ( XboxOZ360) Is It "In-Court" ?

From XboxOZ360:

"PAM serves up their next iteration in the series, but does it live up to its original, or flop like its sequel?

As most components of the game are fantastic and well-polished, other areas such as the online suffer greatly and really hold the game back. The game is definitely one of the best looking sports titles available and is clearly a sports genre GOTY contender. If you are a fan of tennis then Topspin 3 is a must buy, if you aren't you will find the learning curve to be difficult to cope with, but get through it and you will love this title."

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dadice3647d ago

I've been thinking about getting this, but I'm still not sure...

Superfragilistic3647d ago

I loved the original Top Spin but was wholly disappointed with the sequel.

I tried Virtua Tennis 3 and loved the career mode but felt the actual gameplay was too arcade-like for my tastes.

I'm not sold on Top Spin 3, largely because I was holding out for a Fight Night/R* Table Tennis control scheme but I largely got what has already passed. The gameplay just doesn't grab me like those titles with dual analog sticks.

XboxOZ3603647d ago

I had a play of it and it seemed greta, a bit of a learning curve, but quite immersive once you get into it. If you're uncertain, just rent it and give it a few days play slowly, that should give you enough to work out if you'd like it or not.

khellendros13647d ago

I downloaded the demo and I realized a few days later that I was playing it over and over. I spent more time on it than the full games I had. So i went on ahead and bought it. A month later and it's still my most played game. It's definitely worth the purchase.

gaminoz3647d ago

Are you a big tennis fan? To be honest I prefer Wii sports tennis with mates over technical-minded tennis games, but then I'm only a casual tennis watcher.

Hunter863647d ago

I played a bit of it and quite enjoyed this game.