Crikey - Prototype Remaster on Xbox One and PS4 Looks Bloody Awful (For a Remaster)

Unfortunately it looks like Activision didn't get the memo that remasters are supposed to be, well, remastered. Two clips showing the game in action don't really do much to inspire much confidence that Activision actually gave a poop about remastering the games.

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crazychris41241250d ago

All they did was bump up the resolution n frame rate. Bundle is worth no more than $20.

LAWSON721250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Sounds way to generous this is a $10 bargain bin game, I care if you make an ugly game even slightly prettier crap is crap

4Sh0w1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Who stated it was a remaster?, its just a port of two games from last gen bundled had alot of flaws but I actually enjoyed the first Prototype, still this port seems like a quick cash grab, "in before X1 BC".

caseh1250d ago


I believe the term you're looking for is 'you can't polish a turd'. :)

sinjonezp1250d ago

If I were to have a remastered game on Xbox1 qand PS4, It would be COD BLOPS2.....beefed up multi. That's just me.

darren_poolies1250d ago


If they were going to remaster any COD, it should be 4 or MW2. The BO games suck imo.

zeal0us1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Prototype 1 to honest wasn't all that graphical of an game. It remind me of those old spiderman games on PS2 graphic wise.

Prototype 2 is another story.

Did you honestly think Activision would waste money on a true remaster? At best this just another quick cash grab.

BeefCurtains1249d ago

Looks like they just made the game backwards compatible with the new systems.

$10 maybe I'd buy it because it was a fun game. Free on Games with Gold would be sweet.

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blackblades1250d ago

Got 2 from ps+, sadly my subscription ends in a day so I won't be playing any ps+ games for a little bit.

spacedelete1250d ago

the games are worth nothing. they are the definition of barvin bin quality. i'll be waiting until they are free on PS Plus where they belong.

Jalva1250d ago

"All they did was bump up the resolution n frame rate."

And what else did the GoW 3 remaster do? Oh yeah, that's right, absolutely nothing, but that's a Sony exclusive and this is N4G so it gets special treatment.

harrisk9541250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )


Prototype was not a great or particularly memorable game when it was originally released. GoW3, on the other hand, is an amazing game and it is a testament to Santa Monica that the game looked and ran as well as it did on PS3. Plus, Protoype was available on both PS3 and XB360. However, I would venture to guess that a lot of GoW fans from the PS2 era did not play GoW3 because they only owned an XB360 and not a PS3. These remasters are awesome for those types of people. It sounds like Protoype was not given any care whatsoever in porting it to current gen and I don't believe that this is a game that ANYONE was clamoring for to be ported to current gen and sales of it are going to be abysmal when it is released. Remasters/ports to current gen should be reserved for games that had an impact/were memorable/were highly regarded last gen (such as God of War and Uncharted from PS3 and Halo and Gears of War from XB360) that people either would love to play again or missed last gen due to not having the competing system.

crazychris41241250d ago

Both GOW (gears, god) remasters aren't worth $40. Wouldn't even think about getting them until they were less than $20. I've played God of war 3 and I have every gears game with the good DLC so it's a complete waste to rush to get them on day 1.

redknight801249d ago

Are you kidding me? There is another article here on n4g saying how god of war remaster looks the same but with just a better resolution and there is just as much bashing in the comments, jeez man..

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Rimeskeem1250d ago

Why not make a new Prototype? They were so fun.

sander97021250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

They shut down the studio because of some really stupid reason I can't remember so we will probably never see another Prototype game, that's good at least.

scark921250d ago

If they do it would have to be alot different to the previous imo, Prototype 1 & 2's similarities put me off the series currently.

juggulator1249d ago

That really stupid reason being that sales of both games flopped unceremoniously. That's usually a red flag that a studio is headed for trouble.

masterfox1250d ago

It definitely honors the games title, no doubt it looks like a prototype of some game. :D

Aloy-Boyfriend1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

It was a failed prototype of inFAMOUS

itBourne1250d ago

Lol even Infamous doesnt get the recognition it deserves, in my opinion.

badz1491250d ago

I didn't play the 2 games when they were released as I was not even remotely interested, but recently got the chance to play #2 through PS+. but oh boy oh boy, the graphic looks bad even for PS3 standard and the game itself is boring!

scark921250d ago

Ouch! Please apply Burn HEAL

OhMyGandhi1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

do you remember that whole debacle??
There was this incredible showdown between Infamous and Prototype, and I for the life of me, hated prototype. I don't know why, the game didn't feel like it was setting out to do anything, or say anything unique. Once I unlocked everything in prototype (and very early on) it became boring. The biggest problem (and remember, this is from some time ago) was that the game had a very dull city to explore, and a bland art style to boot.

Infamous, on the other hand, had a cool city to explore with interesting characters. Pitch perfect comic book style storytelling, with awesome sound effects. It sported beautiful visuals and particle effects, and while combat eventually became repetitive and a bit more then obnoxious at points, the "feel" of the character was well defined, and the movement mechanics were smooth as butter.

...My point being, that it was hysterical that these games were constantly being compared to each other, when one had the edge in nearly every criteria.

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thejigisup1250d ago

Prototype had/has so much potential. I hope this isn't it for the series . Its a very very different game than infamous and I'd prototype had a finer polish, cleaner visuals, and better controls i think it would have been more successful.

LAWSON721250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

It could have all those to bad it is still extremely repetitive.

trenso11250d ago

yea it could have been so good but they completely screwed it up


It looks bad for a remaster because it isn't a remaster...

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