Electronic Theatre E3 2008 Preview: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

The biggest surprise of the show for NintendoDS fans certainly, perhaps even the biggest surprise of E3 2008 altogether. Grand Theft Auto is heading to the NintendoDS, in an exclusive release titled Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.
Although details are scarce currently, Electronic Theatre can confirm that the title is being developed by...

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mathsman3647d ago

Tis is going to be awesome! there's fewer hardcore games coming out on the DS these days - this is just what we needed!

mgirl3647d ago

Absolutely!! It's just the right timing as well - if it'd been eralier it wouldn't have the same impact I don't think. RockStar timed is perfectly.

sistersnake3647d ago

I couldn't careless. It's going to be rubbish like the Game Boy Color GTA's - the NDS can't handle proper 3D so it'll probably be a crappy top-down game again, maybe even just a slight modification of the first game.

Digi-Man3647d ago

So what if it's top-down? Those are the best ones!!!

Infernus3647d ago

Didn't you play the first GTA's? It's where the 3rds and soon to be 4ths in the series came from.

Liberty, Vice and San Andreas. Albeit somewhat different in layout originated there. To R* it's now just a case of going back round the cycle, expect GTA4: Vice City or GTA4: London to be next...

This game would be great if it's top-down! Just like old times!

kevco333647d ago

Yeah, but with GTA IV it's going to be done through DLC, rather than offering it as a whole new package. And while the 3D outing may be based on the 2D originals, they're not that closely related in actual play.

kevco333647d ago

I think it'll be top-down, but with 3D scaling, kinda like Command & Conquer, but not quite.

dadice3647d ago

Yeah probably. I'll have to wait for a bit more info before I make up my mind of this one.

Bigrhyno3647d ago

I think top down is almost guaranteed. I think the bigger question is, what will they do with the touch controls?

kevco333647d ago

Directional movement perhaps? As with The Legend of Zelda: twlight Princess and Final Fantasy III?

3647d ago
mathsman3646d ago

I think it'll be top-down with touch screen controls; that's most liekly of everything I've heard.

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