Far Cry 4 Drops To $20 On Amazon

Amazon has dropped the price of Far Cry 4 to $19.99 on all 5 platforms.(PS4/PS3/PC/XB1/360)

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spicelicka1249d ago

amazing game, if you're thinking of getting PLEASE DO!

LackTrue4K1249d ago

This could be off topic but,

When you make a purchase online off amazon. Do you ever get a chose to pick digital over physical copies of games?

Black0ut1249d ago

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong (Australian user here and only used Amazon a few times), but you can choose digital code or physical on the items page before you add it to your basket.

It's easy to see if you look around a little.

Forbidden_Darkness1249d ago

You can choose, they usually include the choice on each individual games page, though digital tends to always be a more expensive. For example, the physical version for PS4 is $20 right now, while the digital version for PS4 is $60.

Khronikos1248d ago

Digital rarely goes on sale on Amazon sadly.

Black0ut1249d ago

Absolutely LOVE FC4. I still haven'y finished it and I've owned the game for about 6 months. Great fun to get back into. Matter of fact I might just do that tonight.

Definitely recommend it.

crazychris41241249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

Before you click, its $20 for physical versions. Digital PC & PS4 are $60, X1 digital is missing.

Skate-AK1249d ago

Enjoyed 3 more but 4 wasn't a bad game. Got the platinum for both of them.

Kind of off topic but I just got DA:I and FF Type 0 for $40. Now that is a good deal.

Kingdomcome2471248d ago

I just snagged Shadow of Mordor for $20 bucks myself. Deals for everyone! OT: Great price for a really fun game.

Skate-AK1248d ago

Shadow of Mordor is great. Luckily I got it for free back at launch because Target had a B2G1 free deal.

urwifeminder1249d ago

Cool will wait for the $10 mark then will buy it enjoyed the co op in F3 but the single player was too much for me will get F4 for co op and multiplayer.

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