Prototype BioHazard Bundle Spotted on Xbox Marketplace; Pricing & Release Date Revealed

The long-rumoured Prototype remaster has appeared on the Xbox Live Markeplace along with pricing info and a release date of July 14th - today.

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crazychris41241250d ago

$50 for 1080p, 60 fps with slightly better textures for 3 and 6 year old games??? Hell no! There fun games but not $50 good.

spacedelete1249d ago

thankfully it shouldn't take long to hit PS Plus. not gonna pay a cent for these.

vallencer1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

It's really not a bad price. It's 25 bucks a game and has all the dlc. I mean god of war three alone and gears alone are 40 bucks.

Brewski0071249d ago

When people stop buying re-masters they'll stop making them... wish it was sooner rather than later though.

spacedelete1249d ago

its a double edge sword. people buy them because thats all these companies are bringing out so either we buy them or have nothing to play. i'm sure if we have brand new exciting AAA games no one would even look at these remasters. expect Haze and Duke Nukem Forever remasters as well. this gen is a damn joke.

Brewski0071249d ago

Lol Haze! Such hype, such disappointment.

Shazz1249d ago

so im guessing these wont be available in backwards compatability then

SuicideKing1249d ago

I seriously love these games. I know I am in the minority but I will definitely be buying this. Is it coming to ps4 also, or should I just grab this on my xb1?

mhunterjr1249d ago

Just pick One, it will look like a last gen port regardless of the system you play on...

GHOSTxx4201249d ago

Prototype was a very fun game IMO. May pick this up..