Call Of Duty: World At War - Hotwire Sneak Peak

The operative word is sneaky as the AI in this game has been tweaked a bit so that players don't always rely on their sharpshooting skills but rather the common sense to exploit their tactical abilities first. One example in which players are lead to sneaky situation is the jungle, where your squad tries to get past a pile of lifeless bodies when in fact these are just Japanese soldiers pretending to be dead so that they can ambush your group. There is another level in the game that offers the same scenario where Japanese soldiers intentionally injuring your troops just to get your people to aid the wounded, not knowing you're being setup to get your entire army out into the open.

The new item in the Call of Duty's weapons department is the use of flamethrower. Most players have been used to the traditional assault rifle, rocket launchers, and grenades. But the addition of flamethrower is very effective against combating "guerilla" tactics as Japanese soldiers often hide in tall, dense grass, which you're susceptible for a surprise attack. Treyarch promises to deliver a more exciting gameplay by adding four-player co-op and vehicular multiplayer. The Xbox 360 version will split the four-player co-op into four consoles via Xbox Live, while the offline multiplayer mode will just be two consoles each using split-screen.

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