God of War 3 PS3 vs. PS4 Direct-Feed Screenshot Comparison: No Visible Difference Beside Resolution

God of War 3 Remastered will be officially released on the PS4 on July 14th. It is being termed as a HD Remaster to the original God of War 3, which ran at a sub-HD resolution and with an unlocked frame rate on the PS3. Considering the fact that the game is a few years old now, it is interesting to see how Sony Santa Monica has handled this remaster for the PS4.

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Rimeskeem1224d ago

the image seems sharper (probably from the better resolution). The lighting is a bit better as well but i think the 60fps will be the biggest change.

Transporter471224d ago

The textures of everything improved as well. GOW III looked phenomenal on PS3.

Rimeskeem1224d ago

just goes to show how incredible Santa Monica is.

SoapShoes1224d ago

Looked great on PS3 and looks great on PS4. Loving how sharp it is now.

Azmatik1224d ago

Honestly it just goes to show how many people troll comparisons, I have so many questions about this comparison. Why is every single ps4 screenshot cropped? Why is there no HUD on ps3 but there is ps4? Why are the sliders not full screen? Honestly think this is BS and im not just trying to stick up for it. Gamespot has the best comparison yet and I'm going to stick with theirs. So many people trolling this game for hits.

AndrewLB1224d ago

The textures are exactly the same. The difference is resolution, texture filtering (anisotropic), and perhaps some post process color palette tweaks.

Here's a great example what anisotropic filtering does, and it's use on the PS4 version is clear as day.



OB1Biker1224d ago

Even TLOU R was trolled about on gaming sites. It makes click to troll PS4 remasters.

donthate1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

This game is not a "remaster", it is a PORT. It was ported over from PS3 with nothing else done to it. Commonly what they do on console-to-PC port.

I find this extremely lazy and insulting by the dev/Sony to ask for $40.

Compare that to:

* Uncharted trilogy at least has 3 games remastered (without multiplayer part, bummer)
* Halo: MCC with 4 games, crap load of maps, dedicated servers and etc
* Gears of War: UE with completely redone textures, cinematics, modernized game mechanics, re-recorded sounds and all the maps on dedicated servers. Heck, it even has extra content not in the original game.

I don't know about you guys, but I expect far more from a remaster. This isnt qualified to be called that. It is a port and a disgrace!


Why are there black bars around the ps4 version. Does anyone have this game that can confirm this isn't a mistake. I hope they didn't compress the aspect ratio to obtain 1080p, pretty sad if they

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Bigpappy1224d ago

If PS4 owners are happy with it, that's all that matters. If the price is right, upping the resolution and fps could be all some dedicated fans need to shell out. I am sure this game has those types of fans on PS4.

Bathyj1224d ago

Plus theres the Xbox gamers who didnt have PS3's and never played this right? Im sure there are those types of gamers on PS4.

donthate1224d ago

Personally, I would not buy this. All the dev did was up the resolution and is what I would personally characterize as lazy.

What is even the point of this?

Only so you can play it on your PS4?

The resources could have been better spent elsewhere, or at least give us a trilogy remaster. I find this offering quite insulting.

On the other hand, the PS3 version is dirt cheap now, and is basically the same game and you can have it now!

dantesparda1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )


Why you hating? And anybody who's played GOW3 knows its one of the most epic games ever made. And as impressive as it was on the PS3. I would gladly pay (especially since it'll go down from $40 quick) for an enhanced version on the PS4. I thought (according to all you MS fans) that framerates matter and this game is 60fps with far sharper/cleaner graphics. Why would I want to play it on the PS3 to save a few bucks when I could play a much smoother, cleaner looking version on the PS4?

uth111223d ago

@donthate- so don't buy it!

Remember nearly half of PS4 owners never owned a PS3, those are the people who this is for.

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joab7771224d ago

Would have been nice to see some additions though. New eapons, special effects, anything really.

Don't get me wrong, the framerate will be HUGE, and the game is gorgeous anyway. But I think they could have done a bit more.

I'll grab and replay a month later for $20, or hold out 6 months until it's free on PSN.

UKmilitia1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

the problem we have with games like thios,last of us and uncharteds.

they really pushed it last gen into an almost next gen compared to 90% of games released last gen.
so when a remaster comes along there isnt much more they can do exept add 60fps and up res because textures etc looked so nice.

im still on fence for this and cheapest i can find it is £27 in uk.

if it was a trilogy which i think it should be i would jump in without though,but without being disrespectful to devs as i love SM,i think its slightyl lazy what they done.
look at metro it was £22 in UK for 2 games.
last of us had DLC.
uncharted is 3 games for a little bit more cost.

i think this is max price new £19.99

JWiLL5521224d ago

TLoU was a significant step up visually, the higher res textures were noticeable and the 60 FPS made a huge difference, as the framerate on PS3 wasn't even a consistent 30.

Naughty Dog spent a year porting that themselves, it wasn't a half assed remaster.

This one doesn't look to have been given quite the same treatment.

Not sure how you throw The Uncharted collection in there either, when we haven't seen it yet and apparently they're making some changes to the gameplay in UC1 to be more like the sequels.

UKmilitia1223d ago

i didnt say last of us etc was a half assed remaster.

im saying this is(god of war)
its adding nothing new,unlike others we have had.

Bennibop1224d ago

Well the reviews have said how much better the game is looking so that proves this story was a load of rubbish!

HumanatPlay1224d ago

Aspire to own both a console and a gaming PC if you want to be free from these kinds of cash grabs. There is no reason for any gamer to pay for a bump to resolution alone. At the moment TLOU and Gears of War remaster are the only games worth looking at.

gedden71223d ago

What wrong with what Rimeskeen comment...?

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Sora_19941224d ago

Still find this remaster odd, looking at the last of us remaster and uncharted collection this does seem a bit overpriced should have been 30 maybe

Rimeskeem1224d ago

I doubt it will stay 40 for long. probably hit 30 within a couple months.

joab7771224d ago

As I posted, guarantee this is a PS+ freebie by early next yr.

RiseofScorpio1224d ago

It will probably be bundled with PS4s is my prediction.

Revolver_X_1224d ago

Not sure how $40 isn't worth it for the audience it's aimed at. It's really aimed at gamers who haven't palyed a GoW. Having played GoW 3, $40 is worth it if you've never played it. As for me, I'll pay $20 once it gets there for the trophy hunter in me.

morganfell1224d ago

I'm not even waiting. I played it on the PS3 and Best Buy notified me this weekend my copy shipped along with Godzilla and will arrive on launch day.

Revolver_X_1224d ago

I can respect that. Im on the fence about Godzilla. I will definitely keep an eye on it.

Scuzzlebutt1224d ago

TloU was $50... This is $40. Gears is $40 too.

donthate1224d ago

Gears is a complete remaster with extra content, game mechanics are modernized and all the maps on dedicated servers.

Even then it felt like it felt short compared to Halo:MCC, but the Gears fan in me won over.

Sorry, but this God of War 3 port is worth $20 maximum.

SoapShoes1224d ago

^ It needed it though... Gears looked far more outdated in comparison to God of War 3.

MasterCornholio1224d ago


Well Gears did come out earlier than GOW 3 if I'm not mistaken.

But I said this about GOW. It still looks very good and I'm sure that at 1080P it will look great.

Tedakin1224d ago

Yeah but Gears isn't just upscaled. They rebuilt the entire game, added all the PC extras and updated all of the mechanics to Gears of War 3.

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deadfrag1224d ago

I will pick this again when it hits 10-15€ or in second hand deal.Its a good game but for me its priced to high for a double dip.

u4one1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

lame. they had a real opportunity to do something more. dare i say i even expected a little more from such a great franchise. certainly not worth the price, thats for sure.

Bathyj1224d ago

Well you cant please everyone. Some people complain that they waste time making Remasters when they could be making a new game (like new games stop being made) while others complain they arent wasting more time to completely rebuild the game from scratch.

u4one1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

if you're going to put a remaster out or re-release an old game, it shouldn't be a $40 port of the same game running in 1080p instead of 720p. that to me is worth $10-15, tops the more i think about it.

personally i am sick of remasters. i think they should be reserved for really special versions of games long after that game has come and gone. like say - remaking the original halo with proper gen 8 graphics.... or spyro... again with gen 8 graphics... thats worth some money to me and i'd be ok with. i don't think its cool to slap a couple higher rez textures on the same gen 7 engine and push it out the door for a cheap buck. i think it sucks. i'd rather studios put the effort into new games - especially considering remasters seem to be getting more and more halfassed as the market gets more saturated with them.

in the case of GOW, they could have totally gone the GEARS remaster route. Give it all new higher rez geometry, higher rez textures, new rendering tricks and effects, new particle effects etc, bundle in the extra DLC and or have the other 2 series thrown in as well (even if those were just direct ports)... THAT would have been fantastic for GOW - especially considering it was already amazing on ps3. Thats what i mean by doing so much more. what we got was a slightly higher rez port so i say... why bother?

Automatic791224d ago

I would have purchased if it came with ascension as that is the game I wanted to play.

morganfell1224d ago

So many of the people that do not want this game on a PS4 do not have a PS4...

miyamoto1224d ago


What if GOW3 Remaster is the game you made would you charge for $10?

Bathyj1224d ago

So you'd "rather studios put the effort into new games" but if they are going to do a remaster you want them to spend more time on it?

You seems to fall into BOTH categories I described, you complicated guy you.

For the record, I can get this for about half the price of a full priced game. Doesnt seem such a bad deal to me to relive some fond memories. Then there are the people that never played it in the first place. Are they not allowed to now because youre annoyed?

People are free to NOT BUY this games if they wish. To me it will be worth it for the 1080p60fps and photomode alone.

Cant wait the the Uncharted Collection. Ive been holding off playing it again ever since UC4 was announced. Getting it Day One, as is my right to and Im not alone I think. I guess if there is a demand there will be a supply. Its how the world works.

Rookie_Monster1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )


"So many of the people that do not want this game on a PS4 do not have a PS4..."

Wow, did you just made that up? so these guys here below also don't own a PS4 too according to your logic when in fact they are some of the most well known PS supporter on N4G? Please, don't generalize that everyone that think $40 is a bit steep is automatically labeled as a non PS4 owner. Sure, there are a few non-PS4 owners thay said it is not worth it but a great majority of PS4 owners also said it too; yet, somehow you failed to mention that. If you go to any of the GOW3 HD thread, the majority of verified known PS4 owners also said the game is simply not worth it to them. You made it sound like a witch hunt to downplay a PS exclusive when in fact it is just common consensus that thay game is simple not worth it at its suggested retail price. Here are a few examples:

Verified PS4 owners that said GOW3 is not worth it at $40:

Summons75  + & amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; #160; 54d ago
"Alone, no. If they were remastering the Saga for 40 then yes."

masterfox  + & amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; #160; 54d ago
"God of War III is a stunning game, but 40 dlls for a HD facelift and 60 fps I think is steep price tag. 29.99 imo is the max price can go."

TXIDarkAvenger  +&# 160;  54d ago
"Why couldn't they bring GoW 1 and 2 to PS4? Seriously, there are a lot of new Sony adopters and I doubt they played the previous entries. I'll buy this when it's $20 but nothing more."

uptownsoul  +    115d ago
"I don't get why they don't do AT LEAST all 3 core games. Unless that happens, I have to pass"

ABeastNamedTariq  +    97d ago
"No not really (for me at least). I'll get it for $20, max."

OB1Biker1224d ago

Wow you sound so interested in showing disinterest. Btw finding a game too expensive is fair enough, most are IMO, nothing wrong in waiting for the price to be right for you

Bathyj1224d ago

The lady doth protest too much, methinks

Volkama1224d ago

@BathyJ So you'd "rather studios put the effort into new games" but if they are going to do a remaster you want them to spend more time on it?

You seems to fall into BOTH categories I described, you complicated guy you.

It sounds to me like he wants studios to focus on putting out quality products. Personally I can't see how that is remotely complicated.

Bathyj1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

So why would you think it's not a quality product? It was a fantastic game when it released and now it's going to be even better. You don't think it's gotten worse do you?

Remasters are made quickly, by a small team for very little money. What he's talking about is basically making a whole new game. It takes a lot time, a lot of staff and a lot of money, and you still can't really charge full price because people will complain it's an old game.

I just don't get why people are complaining so much about something they don't intend to get. People are free to pass on it you know. Or wait till the price is closer to what you think it's worth. I'll probably get this later. I have a back log right now. But I'm pretty excited to play this again since it's been a while and I love games with Photomode.

Besides, have you seen the article with the 320 screenshots. Have you seen how Goddamn good this game looks? He's claiming the games graphics weren't completely rebuilt from scratch yet the game was a visual masterpiece when released and now looks even better. It's as smooth and crisp as many games made specifically for current gen consoles and I don't think anyone will have any problems with how it looks and plays.

Volkama1224d ago

I don't disagree with your last comment.

But you are sounding out a guy that said "Certainly not worth the price", which aligns with your last comment anyway.

Personally I liked GoW3 but didn't finish it, and I plan to pick up this remaster. Ideally when the price on the digital store drops, because I think the price is way too steep for what they're offering (enhancements that are essentially free on the vast vast majority of my games, as I primarily play on PC).

morganfell1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )


Here is a fact. I am getting a game I want at a price I paid weeks ago - $34.15 from Best Buy (Gotta love the Unlocked Gamers Club), and a handful of sour people are not getting a game they secretly want.

Just look who is complaining. Most of them do not have a PS4. Nothing has changed since I posted that remark unless the obvious jealousy they have been displaying concerning GOW finally got to them and they went out and bought a PS4.

You can tell the ones that actually did get a PS4. There is, or rather was, a prominent Sony hater on this board whose attitude shifted dramatically at E3. The change is palpable. He finally purchased a PS4. The rest of these individuals are just having tantrums and it is hilarious. UPS will be at my house in a matter of hours with two new PS4 titles and nothing will change that fact.

This game is great for those that want to experience it the first time and it is a high five to those like me to whom less than $40 is immaterial for the opportunity to play this opus once more but on the PS4.

What is also funny is those that beleive there is no difference, that so little work went into the game cannot also complain as if it swallowed an entire dev team for years and stopped them from working on some landmark title. If it did then the work is worth the price. If not then it didn't take an entire team years. Either way if they truly believe it is a minimal difference then dry the tears and run down to best buy and get a new PS3 version for $12. Problem solved.

And you are right, the Bard's line is perfectly applicable...

Volkama1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

@Morganfell I am fairly confident that you don't have a PS4. Also I don't believe you own any socks. I can tell from all the comments you make where you say you do have a PS4, and where you act like a man that owns socks.


morganfell1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )


Not sure what you are going for there.

Volkama1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

I am discrediting your opinion by stating that you are just making things up and don't even own a PS4. It's the same approach you appear to be taking to the topic, so it seems reasonable...

You should probably get some socks before winter though :|

morganfell1223d ago

Ha ha, nice try. How am I makming things up when I am just stating the obvious by noting the remarks of people here or a long established patter evident by their post histories?

You checkmated nothing. You posted some remarks where you failed at a humor swipe and that is it. Your knowledge of chess is that there is a square board and when you get a piece to the far side they have to crown you.

You might want to attempt reading while you are at it. Here are a few juicy bits you ignored:

"@Bathyj," To whom were those remarks written? Open your neighbor's mail and reply much do we?


"Most of them..." Does that say most or all? Do you own a PS4? Really? Then this remark which says most, not all, obviously would not pertain to you. Otherwise...if the shoe fits...which may be driving your angst.

Perhaps in addition to the PS4 you also have a persecution complex...



"This game is great for those that want to experience it the first time and it is a high five to those like me to whom less than $40 is immaterial for the opportunity to play this opus once more but on the PS4."

Do any of those statements apply to you?

"The rest of these individuals are just having tantrums and it is hilarious." How does that not descibe you? How many posts have you made in this forum so far over this game you do not want to buy at the current price? You didn't finish it on one platform, you think it has minimal changes worth very little so you will buy it in order not to finish on another platform?

Do you not see what is wrong with the person that describes?

You have issues not related to price. And there is of course that sock fetish which in and of itself speaks volumes about what distracted you from finishing GOW III in the first place.

I am finished because you checkmated yourself with that one.

Septic1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

Lmao morganfell...way to lose the plot and make yourself look real silly.

"And there is of course that sock fetish which in and of itself speaks volumes about what distracted you from finishing GOW III in the first place. "

"I am finished because you checkmated yourself with that one."

morganfell1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

Lose the plot? Yes because I am the one that brought socks and chess into the discussion, right? You could benefit from

What else were you saying? I can't hear because the awesome sound of GOW III on the PS4 is shaking the walls of my house. I know that sounds adolescent but it is on par with your post. Nevertheless the game is here and enjoyment awaits.

Volkama1223d ago

Lol this isn't chess, but if it were then you just flipped out and knocked all the pieces off the table. Just FYI, by most rulesets that isn't how you win.

And to top it off, you're still pretending you have a PS4!

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akurtz1224d ago

Something more, like what? 😒

deathtok1224d ago

Hard to say from this comparison, the JPEGs on the site are lossy.

deathtok1224d ago

LOL I see all the GOW defenders are out to disagree... over lossy JPEGs of all things as if somehow this is reflective of the game.