Five things to know about John Riccitiello

1. Game player: Enjoys playing PC games such as "Portal" and "Mass Effect"

2. Obama backer: His wife and he have both given the maximum contribution ($2,300 each) to Barack Obama's presidential campaign.

3. World traveler: Has lived in Paris; London; Dusseldorf, Germany; Nicosia, Cyprus; Birmingham, Ala.; Chicago; San Francisco; and New York during his working career.

4. Also involved in "pictures:" Serves on the advisory board at the University of Southern California's film school

5. Unwelcome in Palo Alto: Age 15, was picked up by Palo Alto police and escorted out of town for selling lawn care items door to door.

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pp3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

O.K that was interesting (NOT)

Caxtus7503591d ago

I thought it was quite interesting. Slow news day - wasn't too bad. Rather that than some random fanboy comparison.

TheColbertinator3591d ago

John is a greedy bastard


i rule3591d ago

cant stand hussein obama or anyother dummycrat

daous3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

Kinda like Republican's George W. Bush? Or what about senile, flip-flopping McCain? Recent Democratic presidents have been far better than the Republicans ones. We don't need another president siding with Oil companies (read: McCain) and continuing money-draining wars. Otherwise, the U.S. economy is as good as dead.

Sure, Obama isn't exactly amazing, but between the two presidential candidates, I'd rather take someone who's willing to lead U.S. politics in a new direction.. since old politics clearly isn't doing us any good.

Too bad I've gone off-topic from the actual article :S

As for John Riccitiello, well, I haven't exactly been impressed by with his management of EA in the past years.

Sev3591d ago

He looks just like my uncle Frank.

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