PS4 Exclusive The Last Guardian Gets More Concept Art Showing Boy, Trico and Environments

More concept artwork of The Last Guardian surfaced, showing the Trico, the boy and props for the environments.

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remixx1161048d ago

This game is gonna be the fuzz, damn cant wait. Shadow of the colossus was impeccable.

LordMaim1048d ago

I hope "the fuzz" means good. :) Cause it looks fantastic.

pivotplease1048d ago

Very excited to see if this will be open world like SotC or very closed in and puzzle based like Ico. It could be a hybrid (puns) and that would be my personal preference.

ninsigma1047d ago

We know there are some very tight spaces in the game so far in the style of ico. But I agree with you, I'd love for that to open up. It would be magnificent :)

Chuk51048d ago

It seems to be going in more of an Ico route with some SOTC touches. Honestly,it doesn't matter which part of the formula it leans on because both are masterpieces.

MasterCornholio1047d ago

So can I capture Trico with a pokeball?

Sorry I couldn't resist.


Anyways I do like the art in this game.

lvl_headed_gmr1047d ago

8 years in development and they show concept art?

Pretty sure we should be seeing screenshots, not concept art.

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