PT Now completely gone from Australian PS4

It was there a few weeks back, now it is gone, I have a 2TB and have no issues with space so I never delete anything.

The weird thing is that it is still on my housemates PS4, playable on my US account.

Anyone else, not from USA, who no longer has PT?

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jimsl1ce1162d ago

They literally could rename PT and charge U$4.95 for it with an alternate ending

Summons751162d ago

but that would mean Konami LIKES money! Clearly they don't.

EeJLP-1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

I have it on my PS4, but I'd want it on disc if I were going to pay for it. After all the stunts they've pulled already, you'd really pay for a digital copy?

Some of the puzzles are annoying or near impossible without a guide, but beyond that, the atmosphere is amazing. From the very start I didn't want to open that first door.. then when I got to the end of the hallway and realized where I was (avoided spoiling anything hopefully), that was mind-blowingly unexpected.

jimsl1ce1162d ago

It has the strongest atmosphere out of any game I have seen

Xb1ps41162d ago

If you buy digital you own the rights, what stunts you kids keep talking about?

If it was on disc and they stopped support they wouldn't make any more discs of the game any more then they would sell it digital... Once you own the digital you have just as many rights to it as you would with a disc...

LamerTamer1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )


Keep telling yourself that if it lets you sleep better at night. Of course ANY digital content can be taken away at any time. You don't own it, you are just getting a license to use which can be revoked at any time, read the disclaimers on these things. Sometimes they revoke it or pull it from their servers. If you lose your HDD it is gone forever. The "wonders" of all digital.

Xb1ps41162d ago

Ppl.... It's dead.... Just let it r.i.p....

WeAreLegion1162d ago

That sucks. I hope it doesn't disappear entirely. That would be weird.

Summons751162d ago

It's never going to disappear from my Ps4, that's for sure.

Bathyj1162d ago

What, its deleted from your console? Thats just low Konami.

DLConspiracy1162d ago

I'm scared to look now... it better be there.

PhoenixUp1162d ago

Gosh is Konami ruthless

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The story is too old to be commented.