This Week in Gaming History: Happy Birthday Nintendo Famicom

The Nintendo Famicom celebrates a birthday this week. Learn more about it.

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MASTER_RAIDEN1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

the NES is the most significant piece of video gaming in history. while there definitely were consoles before it, the nes was really the console that set the path of gaming toward unified design. happy birthday to the console that in a major sense, started it all.

Ocsta1249d ago

The Famicom was my very first introduction to gaming, and in many ways my first love. I'll never forget those times. Happy bday you beautiful bitch.

italiangamer1249d ago

The console that started it all, without this we wouldnt even have n4g and the gaming industry in general.

Spotie1249d ago

It's a sad sort of irony that this is the Famicom's birthday with Iwata just passing away...