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Griffin and Phil follow the path of young lovers Mike and Jess through the first few chapters of the upcoming PS4 horror title Until Dawn. Watch out for the gore!

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nX1252d ago

Not the biggest horror fan but this doesn't look bad, kinda like Heavy Rain took me by surprise. If the reviews sound good I might get it for the summer drought.

Rimeskeem1252d ago

It certainly has replayability. 9 times just to get all the story...

Kane221252d ago

going by reviews isn't always the best thing. godhand got a 3.5 from ign and that game is fun as hell.

SoapShoes1252d ago

That's because if it isn't a game they're getting big bucks from the publisher they just don't care.

_-EDMIX-_1252d ago

Agreed, might get it to play with some friends for a few nights. Its good for some laughs and scares.

Played all of Outlast in front of friends and it was a blast!

Can't wait for this game to come out.

Kurisu1252d ago

Forgot this game was coming out next month. Got a bit of a backlog growing though so I'm afraid it will have to wait! Though it does look interesting. Really don't want to watch anything of this game as to not ruin the experience when I do get around to it.

DLConspiracy1252d ago

This seems to be the way you do a QTE. I love horror. Not a huge fan of QTE BUT the fact your choices change the story. Well that's just awesome. Def picking this up.

Yetter1252d ago

not a horror fan but this game seems fun to me

gangsta_red1252d ago

Not a huge fan of the QTE style of gameplay but I will give this game a Gamefly rental.

Seeing this type of game only makes me wish Sony would bring out a new Siren.

Bathyj1252d ago

QTE's get a bad rap. People think its all about having good reflexes and perfect timing or you fail a section and you die and have to repeat it ala Dragons Lair. In a lot of games thats true.

This game looks to be doing QTE's right. Its not about reflexes and timing, its about making decisions and living (or dying) with them. Ever read those Choose you own Adventure books? You had to make choices, and then you had to deal with how those choices effected the outcome.

This game sounds really intriguing, since every character can die and every character can be saved. That alone makes it unique and has the potential for a lot of outcomes. I think it would be a mistake to write it off because you played other games with QTEs that you did not enjoy.

Plus, you know, Hayden Panettiere's towel could fall off. Its worth playing just for that. ;P

1252d ago
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