Dark Souls III Gets New Official Site

The English site for Dark Soouls III opened a little while ago, but today From Software opened a new official site for Japan, which incidentally looks quite a lot better.

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DarkOcelet1249d ago

Does it really matter which cover is on the front? I think we all know it will sell the most on Ps4 regardless.

Abriael1249d ago

It's just an indicator of the primary marketing partner normally. Whether it matters or not, your mileage may vary.

Summons751249d ago

Right? I know I will buy this on Ps4 since the games are played best on PS since Demon's Souls. Really hoping after the success of Bloodborne and the passion for the Dark Souls games including this one that Sony will allow them to make a true Demon's Souls 2 or at the very least remaster Demon's Souls

NerveGearneeded1249d ago

i would like to see a Demon souls remaster on every platform cause Demon souls is only on PS3

Walker1249d ago

BloodBorne is the best game of current generation thus far, cannot wait for another masterpiece from miyazaki-san <3 .

DarkOcelet1249d ago

Followed by The Witcher 3.

StrayaKNT1249d ago

In the ps4 library yes you're right

LBPfan4471249d ago

what do you mean? what Xbox One exclusive scored as good as Bloodborne?

LBPfan4471249d ago

when was the last time that Xbox (X360 or Xbox One) exclusive scored 90+ on metacritic? Forza 4 in 2011.? lol

Kumomeme1249d ago

witcher 3 is good game, but its something can't be compared to bloodborne/souls game..beside it was different things to compare..souls alike games were had special things in it..

TorpeAlex1249d ago

Dark Soouls III, eh? I know you're excited, but try to maintain credence as a writer by omission of typos.

nix1249d ago

i cheated through Bloodborne only because i just didn't have time nor patience to upgrade in the game. not that it gave me confidence every time i ventured into new areas. i did finally reach the end but i'm just figuring out the places i've not been to so.. the game is just parked right now.

i always wonder how people can finish these Soul series and be at the top of the 10 ten players.. i just admire their dedication. the only soul game i finished was Demon's Souls (i give myself thousand pats for that). beautiful memories. Dark Souls, i stopped after ringing the first bell... Dark Souls 2... i'm somewhere.

I bought Dark Souls to support the devs. Same with DS2. i wonder if i'll pick up DS3 because i don't think i have that much time to spend trying to finish the game...

But who knows.. i might as well just pick it up.