Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 takes top spot in Xbox One backwards compatibility vote

GameZone: "It's official. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has finally eclipsed Red Dead Redemption at the top of the Xbox One backwards compatibility polls."

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Erik73571250d ago

Sad statement on the userbase of Xbox if you ask me....

Bigpappy1250d ago

Would have done the same on PS4. Number one seller there also.

Erik73571249d ago

Then a sad statement for just the gaming community in general..didn't even bring up ps4 in my comment.

Septic1249d ago


".didn't even bring up ps4 in my comment."

Lol what? You jumped to the conclusion that BLOPS 2 being the most requested was a sad statement specifically of the Xbox platform and Bigpappy clarifies, you say, oh I didn't even bring up the PS4 in your comment. So what lol. His point was relevant to your statement, which even you yourself later clarified:

"Then a sad statement for just the gaming community in general"

I'm just surprised that people hold BLOPS 2 in higher esteem than MW2. That's the real sad state of affairs -__-'

In fairness though, BLOPS 2 is probably the best of all COD games post MW2 as it was the most fine tuned and well balanced of them.

RomanPSX1249d ago

They should add all COD, I feel like playing MW 1 and 2 and some COD WAW.

EazyC1249d ago

I would definitely be voting for Bad Company 2 if I had an xbox one. I would love if DICE released it on next gen with MP only for $15 dollars or something

Shineon1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

Right on now that's one game that deserves a remaster,I have it on ps3,xbox 360 and PC.It look totally different on PC it's just hard as hell to get a controller to work with it.If they remaster bad company 2 I will buy a current gen console just to play it unless they improve the controller support for the PC version which I doubt

FoxyGotGame1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

I am really surprised Red Dead Redemption isn't a top of that list. I'd prefer Bad Company 2 over Black Op's II, although BOP's II was good though.....

Relientk771249d ago

Not surprised Black Ops 2 is amazing

The-Marb1249d ago

Blops 2 is Ok, but pretty much every other game on that list is better.

IMO of course

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The story is too old to be commented.