Burning up the FPS genre with WarDevil screens

As of the moment, Indigo Prophecy is hard at work with their upcoming WarDevil: Enigma but we're glad that they've released a new bunch of pics to send shiver down our spines. It's one thing trying to hold back a couple of aliens. It's quite something else if you're up against creatures of the Netherworld in hi-tech armor and high powered artillery.

One interesting factor of this game is that it's going to use the WarDevil RTE 1080 Engine developed by Digi-guys Studios. This engine will bring the game some graphical depth and complexity for their WarDevil project. The goal here is to achieve in-game graphics that are comparable in quality to pre-rendered cinematic sequences.

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Anerythristic264357d ago

If this game actually turns out to be multiplatform you are gonna lose alot of credibility with this post as well as leaving yourself open for alot of ridicule. Just warning you. You are announcing a game on a popular gaming site as an exclusive before the developer has.

marcusfenix4357d ago

This title was shown on a 360 in 2005, and was announce for the Xbox 2 before it was announced as the 360. It will be multi-platform, probably a timed exclusive. I doubt the PS3 could generate those visuals anyway, not enough VRAM. If it will it would be a surprise to me. That is why UE3 games look so good on the 360, 512mb of RAM and a standard 3-core CPU.

videl4357d ago

you über moron. the ps3 has 512mb ram, and this ram is far faster than the ram from the crapbox. oh god, such idiots like you should be shot.

Retard4357d ago

Is that why Epics' (Unreal Engine 3) is going to be making Unreal Tornament 2007 for PS3?

THAMMER14357d ago

But I though PS3 fan boys did not like 1st person shooters.

shysun4357d ago

R:tfom was the best PS3 selling game so're wrong bro.

andy capps4357d ago

I for one am excited about it. I am really liking the art style in these pictures. Looking like I'll be getting this one the day it comes out.

marcusfenix4357d ago

We still have Bioshock which got a ton of awards, Kane & Lych, mass Effect, Too Human, Alan Wake etc... We don't need this game, we have plenty to drool over.

shysun4357d ago

Too Human looks like should delete it from your list!Alan Wake is coming out in 2008!

marcusfenix4357d ago (Edited 4357d ago )

http://screenshots.teamxbox... There you go, more UE3 goodness. To bad you can't have those visuals on the PS3. Too Human is approaching Gears of War quality and I have the screenshots to back it up.

Hey dumba$$ WarDevil is being released in 2008! What a retard!

andy capps4357d ago

marcusfenix- If PS3 can't run UE3, why is PS3 getting Fatal Inertia and Unreal Tournament 2007?

Gears4357d ago

He didn't say it couldn't be ran on the PS3 it can be ran on a single core PC rig. Fatal inertia looks like crap and UT2007 doesn't have the detail of Gears of War, it had to be dumbed down to run on the PS3.

andy capps4356d ago

Gears- I disagree entirely. He didn't say that the PS3 couldn't run UE3, but that's what he was getting at. Unreal Tournament 2007 looks incredible, and how are you saying that UE 2007 is being dumbed down for the PS3. Everything I've heard from Mark Rein on that front is very positive. I remember him saying about a year ago that they were able to get the UE 2007 build up and running on the PS3 and at a stable 30 fps within weeks. Fatal Inertia is looking pretty good too, I'm actually excited to see UE3 being used for something other than shooter games.

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kingboy4357d ago

lol don`t know if its gonna go multi platform in the futur.i just post exacly what i see on other websites

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