Why Halo 5: Guardians Could be the Biggest And Best Halo Yet

It’s another Halo year again! It’s time for everyone who owns an Xbox to get excited because these years are precious for us guys! The year that a new Halo comes out is like gold dust to anyone who has any investment into the series and this year we’re set for a great one, everyone can feel it! So great in fact, that many think this may be one of the best Halo games we’ve seen in years if you put the nostalgia goggles aside. Let’s look at why.

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christocolus1246d ago

Nice article. I think it will be the richest and deepest Halo yet. This game will dive deeper into the Halo lore and campaign and mp will be top notch. cant wait

Rookie_Monster1246d ago

Same thought. Really loving what I am seeing from 343i. The 2 factions of the 4 player co op is what I am looking forward to. Is MC a hero or has he gone rogue? What is Agent Locke 's story into all of this? We find find out Oct 27th

donthate1246d ago

I have a feeling Halo 5 will be game of the year. I cannot resist Halo 5, even though I am trying too. So hard!

Eterna1Ice1246d ago

Why do i find your messages under all Halo related news first?

christocolus1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

Cos i'm a big Halo fan and i love commenting under Halo related articles?

4Sh0w1246d ago

lol, that explains it.

KarmaV121246d ago

The story mode is going to be so much fun! Co-op and a lot of mystery, excitement is seeping from my veins!

akaFullMetal1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

What I find funny, is that while Halo is huge, I rarely hear how great halo 4 is? People have mixed feelings from what I hear about Halo 4 and it's online community fell very fast in comparison to other halo games. That game was made by the same team doing Halo 5, 343, wouldn't people be a bit more cautious because of the last game? I could be misreading the whole thing though?

tigertron1246d ago

Halo 4 still has an active population, and the funny thing is most games I play in TMCC, people vote for Halo 4 maps.

It's my personal favourite Halo.

Elit3Nick1246d ago

Halo 4 didn't fare well with the fan base because it strayed from the traditional fair start and power weapon control arena combat that Halo 1-3 is legendary for, instead allowing you to spawn with different weapons and having a score-streak like system where you spawn a power weapon right beside you. Halo 5 has gone back to that classic arena style for the 4v4 match types while also having Warzone, which is a big team battle match where you can spawn weapons and vehicles from your base while you fight and capture areas on the enemy team, and also kill A.I. bosses that spawn throughout the map.

spicelicka1246d ago

Halo 4 was an amazing game. The reason you don't hear about it because the vocal community are hardcore halo fans, and halo 4 didn't sit so well with them because of certain features.

The good news is that if you follow 343, they've ditched those features like ordinance drops and loadout and worked with MLG pro players to make the arena mode for halo 5. Also people have played halo 5 beta so they know what they're getting, and it's friggin awesome!

Adexus1246d ago

Halo 4 was actually my favourite SP and MP wise, playing through them all one after the other in Master Chief Collection really solidified it.

IVanSpinal1246d ago

I played the H5 beta & it was great (i don't liked H4)

Yetter1246d ago

well Halo 4 looks and feels great, the big issue is the predefined loadouts and special abilities. Seems they've addressed these issues in a big way for Halo 5 which is exactly why it very well could be the best Halo ever made

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Paytaa1246d ago

As someone who has been obsessed with Halo lore since Combat Evolved and had ties to the MLG community, Halo 5 seems to be doing everything right. Will Halo 5 bring the groundbreaking innovation the original trilogy brought? Probably not but within the Halo franchise, Halo 5 could potentially be the best yet. The beta and Hunt The Truth made me a believer after the sense of doubt I had for Halo after the community fell off at Halo 4.

Walker1246d ago

Halo is nothing without bungie IMO . Halo 4 was a total mess compared to previous version specially in multiplayer section !

bananaboats1246d ago

Good thing you don't speak for the entire community. I got one think halo 4 was one of the best. 343 did a wonderful job with it. As far as MP, I never played it so can't input there.

4Sh0w1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

As a long time Halo fan I thought Halo4 was a breath of fresh air breathed into the franchise. It was every bit Halo but the changes were welcome as things had become a little stagnant.

After playing through the MCC I could clearly see beyond the nostalgia that Halo4 was indeed very well done....I still love the original Halo as my all time favorite and for its time it did alot of great things but I'm glad to see the changes Halo has gone through over the years and I really appreciate 343s handling of Halo4 and Halo5 in trying to evolve the franchise more than ever.

Paytaa1246d ago

Halo is nothing without Bungie? Halo 4 a total mess? Okay first off, Bungie's Halo games were and still are amazing but to say 343 is doing a poor job managing the franchise is utter crap. Never has the franchise felt so alive in terms of story and scope and I can't stand when people undermine 343 just because they didn't create Halo. Halo 4 in terms of multiplayer may have been played safe since it was the company's first outing but what they did with the story is on another level compared to Bungie's vision. Halo 5 combines what everyone loves about Halo whether you're in it for the story or multiplayer. If Bungie was still making Halo it wouldn't be the pipedream everyone has because they cling on to the nostalgia from the old games. Halo is in good hands and I've never seen a game developer so in touch with their fanbase. To put it bluntly, you're wrong.

spicelicka1246d ago

Halo 4 big team battle was better than any of the past halos. It was far from a mess.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1246d ago

Halo 4 was the lowest rated halo so you do have a point. We'll have to see how this one turns out.

etownone1246d ago

The musical score in Halo 4 sucked..

But everything else was as good or better then previous Halos

Eterna1Ice1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

More like Bungie is nothing without Halo. Though, they do get a lot of money from Destiny expansions, i guess...

FlexLuger1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )


Judging by the way destiny turned out, I think halo was better off without bungie. The fact that halo 5s controls feel and MP balance feels better in beta form than destiny's PVP in its complete form, say it all really. And destinys story implimentation is poor compared to halo 4's... which was actually better than reach and halo 3s campaigns. And 343i are about to turn things up a notch in that department going by what we know about the story so far.

"Halo 4 was a total mess compared to previous version specially in multiplayer section !"

Some people considered halo Reach's MP to be a step down from H3. that was a bungie game. So H4s haters are pretty much n the minority. The DMR and standardised sprint alone make H4 a better online experience than Halo reach. You sure you actually play halo?

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Satyre281246d ago

After playing the beta and being absolutely addicted to it, i have no worries at all. All my buddies and myself are huge Halo guys and we absolutely loved it. Also the E3 gameplay was pretty damn cool, really awesome how they are doing digging deep into the story with the Agent Locke, and Master Chief battle. Seems like this game is going to be absolutely amazing, cant wait.

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