Modojo: Kirby Super Star Ultra Preview

Nintendo's pink puffball Kirby has had quite a few great adventures over the years, starting out with Kirby's Adventure on the NES and eventually moving on to other platforms, such as the Game Boy Advance and the Nintendo 64. Somewhere in the middle, however, he found success on the Super Nintendo with a bevy of games, including Kirby's Avalanche (aka Puyo Puyo) and Kirby's Dream Course.

Probably Modojo's most favorite 16-bit game of all, however, is Kirby Super Star. It's a platforming tour-de-force with Kirby teaming up alongside several Helpers to take on King Dedede and his right hand man, Meta Knight, as they attempt to rule Kirby's dream world. Well, that adventure is about to come back in full force, with Kirby Super Star Ultra on the way for the Nintendo DS.

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Digi-Man3706d ago

I liked the first Kirby DS game but haven't bothered with any of the others. Don't think I'll bother with this.