'SMITE' Impressions on the Xbox One -Highdef Digest

The genre of multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs) is quite thin on consoles, but on the Xbox One, 'SMITE' has been positioned as an early candidate to fill that role. 'SMITE' has been available in full release on PC for over a year, and is currently in open beta on the One.

MOBA Pedigree

'SMITE', for the most part, sticks closely to established MOBA orthodoxy as demonstrated in 'DotA', League of Legends', and the more recent 'Heroes of the Storm'. Two teams are separated by lanes on a map, and to win, a team must proceed down the lane and slowly whittle down the defending towers and heroes until they get to the bright juicy core. 'SMITE' is all about gods, so the cores are represented by mobile titans who can defend themselves when attacked. A team is made up of usually 3 or 5 heroes (each a god), either human- or AI-controlled, and NPC henchmen who travel down each lane of their own volition and serve as cannon fodder and portable shielding. On the maps in which there is...

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urwifeminder1224d ago

Am sure someone out there enjoyed it not me though quickly found out im not too keen on moba .I found it to be way better than Dota am interested in gigantic but after my experience with smite and dota I don't think I will like it.