Hololens offers imperfect but impressive augmented reality

Duncan Geere writes ""LIGHTNING BOLT", I yell. I'm sitting in a vague facsimile of a sitting room off a secret, high-security corridor on the periphery of Minecon, the annual get-together for 10,000 Minecraft fans from around the world. There are literally guards on the door, and they're probably wondering why I'm shouting "LIGHTNING BOLT" over and over again."

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Insomnia_841249d ago

This is going to fail miserably.

Nick_The_Slick1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

You're talking about your trolling, right?

kingdip901249d ago

The field of vision is so small though, I can see how people will think it will flip unless that issue is resolved.

Here is to hoping

iamnsuperman1249d ago

I think it will go the way of Google Glass. That thing suffered a similar issue. Consumer didn't want it and nor did businesses. If Microsoft are serious about AR is the cooperate world they need to sort out the field of view (as well as being reasonably priced but deals are usual made anyway). A poor field of view will kill products like this.

jb2271249d ago


I definitely agree. Its weird because HoloLens exists in a strange space between public use & home use. It would be most useful in the real world, but Google Glass kinda showcased the problems that arise w/ tech like that in public spaces. In a home setting, the tech isn't there for a wide enough variety of interesting uses at this point. I see it being like Kinect at this point, a lot of potential for use in a business or classroom & very cool sounding on paper, but little in the way of applicable uses as a consumer device. Its funny that Spencer says AR is closer to a feasible reality than VR when at this point the opposite seems to be true. I applaud MS for trying new things, but they need to learn a little restraint, to stop pushing future tech out too early because it kills the potential audience w/ sour first impressions imo. Better to take these things slowly instead of pushing them out in the public eye before they're refined to being an actual product w/ mass potential.

ScorpiusX1249d ago

With every so called negative article that appears, all it does is make me want it more .

Rimeskeem1249d ago

Something like this is gonna cost upwards of 500-1000$ if it works like they are showing it.

ScorpiusX1249d ago

The price is not that bad if you look at all we buy to play our games or the spec capable items to make our pc run better or mobile device . All those things reside in the same neighborhood and we have no issue obtain them plus it's a stand alone item.

Insomnia_841249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

The thing is, we make a whole lot more use of those things than we would with something like Hololens. Just think about it. This is very COOL tech but that's it, just cool.

ScorpiusX1249d ago

That best part we have no idea the number of use it will ship with.
who knows what use will be created & conceived once it has been released. That potential alone has me going in on one .

LastNewtStandin1249d ago

Nice article, I like hearing peoples impressions when using the tech and a nice detail he got in that Hololens is about 15% into it's development.

I love seeing innovation in the tech industry and how it can be applied to gaming. I love the people that try rather than play it safe hoping to make a bit of cash.

Bless you microsoft, You might cock things up sometimes but boy do you try and that's worth a hell of a lot in my book.