Thank You Mr. Iwata

RIchard Drummond of Gaming Tech United writes:

"In a relatively young medium, it’s always hard to see a figurehead pass. This was just the case when Nintendo’s own Satoru Iwata passed away due to his battle with bile duct cancer. From Gaming Tech United, we thank you Mr. Iwata."

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KindaGrump1249d ago

Such an amazing man. He's done so much for my love of gaming and the passion that so many others have as well. I love seeing off these tributes for him.

"It’s amazing to see that even the death of such an inspirational and loved man can bring the always-fighting gaming community to a halt and make them embrace each other and celebrate his legacy."

You nailed it man. He'll love on in us forever. RIP Iwata. :')

NinjaRichParty1249d ago

This was the least we could do at GTU. I know we have been critical of Nintendo in the past, but you never want to see a man who has done so much good for this community go at such a young age.

Like you said, he'll live on in us forever. Those smiles he brought us may have disappeared when we heard of the news of his passing, but I know damn well that when I look back on his life, that smile will come right back.

AngelicIceDiamond1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

You know Iwata was truly a traditionalist. He held on to his iconic characters for years and years. And never betrayed the original makers and vision of those characters. And even the systems hes built.

Some would argue that can be a bad thing, but that's not the point. In a generation where values are meaning less and less. Iwata held on and honored his values like they were his own family. Hes a very traditional and value heavied man.

And I respect the HELL out of that. I'm only 25 and I understand values and tradition and its important to me as well.

Put it this way if this industry had Iwata's mindset set. We would see those wonderful games from the PS2 and OG Xbox era. And they would be strong and SURVIVE in this day and age of gaming hands down.

NinjaRichParty1249d ago

I hear ya man. I'm only 22, but his influence on me and the gaming community has been immense. I love his philosophy and his concentration on FUN.

Concertoine1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

He worked hard right up to the very end, you could tell he really wanted to leave nintendo with a positive future before he resigned, and was working towards this before his untimely death. He layed down a lot of long term plans, so he might've seen it coming.

The sad thing is if he resigned earlier to enjoy his last days with family he would've been bashed for leaving the company in disarray and running like a coward. Instead he chose to tackle nintendo's issues head on til death, and that kind of stress on someone who's already terminally ill isn't something i'd wish on anyone, nonetheless a genuinely passionate guy like Iwata.

Nintendo has been one of the last vestiges for old school game design, and it was largely because of Iwata. I can only hope Nintendo recognizes everything he stood for going forward, while also evolving in new ways.

KryptoniteTail1249d ago

His greatest contributions were to Earthbound and Kirby, my favorite Nintendo RPG, and one of my favorite Platformer series. I can't pretend he was a good president but he was a good programmer, and took responsibility and apologized when things did not go well, and he seemed like a genuinely decent person. RIP.

NinjaRichParty1249d ago

Like I say in the article, I have criticized him and Nintendo a lot lately and this doesn't change that, but you never want to see someone pass away.

His work on Earthbound, Kirby, and G&S will be remembered by many many people. Even though he's gone, the smiles he brought to us in the past will stay around forever.

ShaunCameron1249d ago

I thank Mr. Iwata for bringing me back to video games via the Wii and NSMBWii.

KindaGrump1249d ago

That's awesome. Glad to see you got brought back into gaming. :)

Elda1249d ago

It's good to see so many positive comments & articles all over the internet about Mr.Iwata,it's great when the gaming community can halt for a while to pay tribute & homage to a great contributor of the gaming world.

NinjaRichParty1249d ago

I agree. It's awesome to see a community that is usually at odds come together and stop the hate for a short time to praise someone who has passed.