New In-Game Killzone 2 Multiplayer Screenshots has a dozen high-resolution in-game screens of Killzone 2, including six exclusively from the multiplayer modes.

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Bombibomb3672d ago

Dude the Helghast Snipers look so badass.

Euphrate3672d ago

This game will get negative reactions from sites with affiliates...

Well, at least it doesn't mean anything to the normal people, just the nerdish fanboys on the internetzors.

n4gzz3672d ago

can't wait to play this game on my big screen :P

THC CELL3672d ago

when this games comes out it will be very hard to trust sites
stating there other consoles can do better

All reviews on this game will be blocked from me when it comes
just like most sites under rated resistance and uncharted

And yes Look at that sniper

call of duty my ass who the hell made that up?

its like calling Gears uncharted u some dumb people in this world man

uie4rhig3672d ago


meh i guess CoD4 will be the number 2/3 game when this comes out :)

Maldread3672d ago

Yeah, i was going to say the same thing. Hopefully the sniper aiming isn`t as bad as in K1 though, it was way too twitchy there just like in Time Splitters 2.

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Playstation Man3672d ago

scope EVER! Damn GG did a great job with this! Can't wait!

darkshiz3672d ago

Now this shows truly how video games can be Sexy.

Not with BOOBS and BOOTY, but with sexy graphics.

DarkArcani3672d ago

booty can be nice, just look at ratchets new game, search for booty.

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The story is too old to be commented.