R.I.P Saturo Iwata and His Legacy at Nintendo

PoliGames sends their condolences towards The Gaming Icon that was Saturo Iwata. He passed on July 11,2015.


Sorry gang! i totally Butchered Mr.Iwata's name. It's spelled Satoru nor satoru. My apologies

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rosscoffx1226d ago

I was so sad to see he'd passed today. No age to die either, had so much more to give. Truly made modern day gaming what it is and deserves the upmost respect.

Elda1226d ago

True,I don't see why would anyone disagree with your sentiment....smh.

rosscoffx1226d ago

The Internet is home to some strange people, how anyone could not agree he was a legend and deserves respect is beyond me.

Poli_Games1226d ago

The man led such an amazing life! Though i may have not agreed with him on somethings as of late. The games he had a hand in, were some of my favorite games as a child. The fact that he actually made sure that his company's games were worth there 60$ price point and their DLC that isn't a blatant ripoff is something to admire about this man. He will be missed!

Nodoze1226d ago

This news hit me harder than Robin Williams passing. Very very sad. He helped to shape so many fond memories in the worlds he crafted. Worlds in which I spent many many hours, and now too my children.

I am going to have to tell my son about this tonight. I think he may actually shed a tear. Iwata IS Nintendo. He is in Tamadochi life (sp) that my kids play and they all know who Shiggy, Reggie, and Iwata san are.

A blatant reminder to live life to it's fullest as our time here is short.

RIP Iwata San.

Poli_Games1226d ago

I remember when Robin Williams passed I was depressed for weeks. He was so funny, that it would be easy to forget that he was so depressed. For Iwata it was so similar to when Steve Jobs passed. He lost so much weight so fast it is scary. But it seems that he never let his disease get the best of him which is amazing and that's what I think we should take from this. Never let anything change who you are or stop you from doing what ever you love to do.