Halo Series Reaches 65 Million Units Sold

Microsoft's blockbuster reaches an incredible new milestone.

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OpieWinston1224d ago

I'm seriously wondering how Halo 5 is supposed to break Halo 4s 24 hour record of $220 Million.

But if MCC has sold closed to 5 million (Based on it being the only Halo release in that time and accounts for the majority of sales and is bundled with X1s) it has a shot of breaking that record... Even with the lower install base.

Rimeskeem1224d ago

I'm assuming that at least half of the xbox one owners will buy Halo 5

Neonridr1224d ago

agreed, like Mario games to Nintendo, Halo games have huge attachment rates to Xbox owners.

Rookie_Monster1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Rimeskeem, your math is off,bud. Assuming we are just talking about the $60 version...

$60 x 4,000,000 = $240,000,000

I am sure there are more than 8 million XB1 in the hands of XB1 owners by now. More like 13-14 million now. Not sure if you are just not aware of how the math work or a slight jab at the install base. Anyways, it doesn't matter.

I think if 1/4 of the user base buying the game at launch should do the trick of breaking the Halo 4 $220,000,000 day one record when you factor in the $99 collector edition and the few $250 editions that will be sold on release day.

Anyhow, Halo 5 will do gangbuster on release day and I'll be there on the midnight launch to support it regardless. Great time for XB1 owners indeed.

@Rimeskeem below,

You just replied to a question about how Halo 5 is going to break Halo 4's 24 hours sale record...what other meaning does your reply have besides that?

Rimeskeem1224d ago

At rookie

you know that I wasn't doing any math I was literally saying that at least half of xbox one owners will buy Halo 5. that is all. I wasn't jabbing the install base (WTF) I was just saying I wouldnt be surprised if half of the xbox one owners bought Halo.

Genuine-User1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Those are some big numbers. Congrats to the Xbox division.

donthate1224d ago

What is neglected is Halo is a console seller. Halo 5 will bring MS one hell of a holiday sale.

Last year was freaken crazy, but this year is going to be way crazier. Halo 5, BC, Forza 6, Tomb Raider, Gears:UE and next year is crazy too.

I think it would be incredibly hard to resist an Xbox One now.

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christocolus1224d ago


Halo 5 will definitely beat that record. its going to add to these numbers in a big way.

RiseofScorpio1224d ago

Halo 3 did immense numbers and that was 2 years into the 360s cycle.

christocolus1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

This game will move consoles like crazy.

Paytaa1224d ago

Agreed christocolus, with the marketing Microsoft has done with Halo 5 starting in March with the HUNTtheTRUTH campaign, Halo 5 is bound to exceed expectations with sales. The exceptional response to the beta will also help as well. This is the first Halo game since Reach to have the majority of the veterans on board again so expect Halo 3 numbers or more.

OpieWinston1224d ago

I'm hoping it does, because I want Halo for 30 more years XD.

PistolsAtDawn1224d ago

Halo 5 will no doubt do great things, and to me it looks like it's shaping up to be the best Halo ever...still beating those 24 hour numbers for H4 will be tough...when Halo 4 came out, 360 had an install base of probably 75-80 million....right now X1 is probably closer to 13-14 Million. Halo 5 will get there, but I'm not holding my breath on the 24 hr record.

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kaizokuspy1224d ago

It will definitely move units, but I'm neutral for both sony and xbox this holiday season. Both will do gangbusters this holiday season! Can't wait to see the many new gamers populate the respective consoles and servers. Going to be a good one for everyone this year.

robtion1224d ago

Halo is super popular but I doubt the MCC has sold 5 mil. If so that's very impressive for a remaster collection but I won't believe it until I see an official statement.

Unless of course they are counting each copy sold as 4 units because it includes 4 Halo games?

Automatic791224d ago

Well done MS also congratulations to all the gamers who came on board from the other two competing consoles to play HALO MCC.

Note HALO MCC has sold more then any other remaster to date that is an accomplishment on its own.

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Nosred1224d ago

Halo is one of the biggest and best franchises FPS, can not wait for Halo 5.

Congratulations to Team Xbox.

christocolus1224d ago


" This is up from 60 million Halo titles sold worldwide in October 2014"

That's an increase of 5 million in 10 months. Nice. Congrats to MS and 343i. Cant wait to jump on Halo 5.

fr0sty1224d ago

Remembering bungie? Who cares that they created all this... They make stuff for PS4 now.



Rimeskeem1224d ago

Does this include all 11 halo games?

Sora_19941224d ago ShowReplies(7)
ScorpiusX1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

I count 10 - 2 Mobile , 5 story based, 2 side stories , 1 RTS . where's 11

If you count those as actual games and not just re-masters , then lets hope it counts for all games across all platforms,

Halo 1 remaster

Rimeskeem1224d ago

Halo 1
Halo 2
Halo 3
Halo 4
Halo reach
Halo wars
Halo 1 remaster
Halo Spartan Assault (2)

NeoGamer2321224d ago

You missed Halo: Spartan Strike
And MCC should be: Halo MCC with Halo 2 Remaster

_-EDMIX-_1224d ago

To be fully correct, if your counting all the Halo games, ie ports, RTS, mobile etc, its likely even past that.

It would be like 13 if you count Halo 1 and 2 PC ports. If we are just counting all releases regardless of new or not.

PistolsAtDawn1224d ago

...that's staying power!!! 11 games in (assuming you are correct) and Halo 5 looks to be the best of them all.

Xb1ps41224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Well that's what happens with a successful franchise....

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Paytaa1224d ago

Halo 5 alone will bring it up to 75 million I strongly believe.

RiseofScorpio1224d ago

It'll definetly match Halo 3s figure of 8.1 million by January.

Benchm4rk1224d ago

Halo 3 sold more then 8.1 million copies

Rookie_Monster1224d ago

Congrat! Will continue to do my part of adding to the 65 million with Halo 5 this October. One of the biggest exclusive franchise in history and well deserved.

Automatic791224d ago

Absolute @Rookie

Halo 5 can't come soon enough