343 Studio head On Possible Halo 5 LCE Physical Release: "Working Actively On A Solution" & More

For those who are eager for a physical release of Halo 5 with the Limited Collector's Edition there is still hope. 343 Studio head Josh Holmes explains the decision to only include a digital code with the edition and says 343 is working actively on a solution to trade in the digital code for a physical copy.

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deadfrag1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

This almost seems like a bad joke,LCE been giving to people at stores without a physical game disc.Totally unacceptable!

raggy-rocket1221d ago

I find it hard to see what 'Solution' can be found other than including a physical disc, surely?

Rookie_Monster1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

They can surely include a physical disc if the fans are willing not to have the $250 a week early. The reason why the physical disc is not available is because the Collector edition actually ship a week early and if a physical disc is included, the street date would have been broken.

VER1ON1221d ago

You would expect that physical copies would be available a week before release. Usually the game goes gold a few weeks before release. Tight planning if they don't have discs a week before release.

Chevalier1221d ago

Our stores get some of releases up to 2 weeks in advance, it's all about planning and distributing. The discs are usually printed and sent out about a month before release date. They usually sit in a warehouse till they're ready to ship.

Also the publishers set the date and it's not breaking any dates. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare day 0 edition preorders got their disc early for preordering as a bonus. So stop making excuses for MS.

Rookie_Monster1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

"So stop making excuses for MS."

LoL, making excuses? WTF? And you said you work for a store that sell games and somehow you don't know that the CE is actually release and sold to customers a week early, on the 20th, than the rest of the editions on the 27th? Your advanced warfare day zero edition grants pre order people to play the game a while 24 hours early and not Not a full week early. That is a big difference.

I am not specifically talking about shipping it early. Of course all games goes gold earlier. But I am talking about the CE actually being sold on the 20th while the rest of rhe editions with the physical copy will be sold on the 27th. By having xb1 owners able to pick up the CE early on the 20th, they would have broken the street date by able to play it early and possibly leak up tons of spoilers on YouTube and message board, and no company would want that. With a digital copy, it is essentially a preload of the digital store version and will only activate on the 27th.

Chevalier1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

You clearly have no idea how retail works. Yes we could sell it 1 week in advance. All MS has to do is to allow retailers to sell it early to preorders only. That was my point exactly so your idiotic 24 hrs vs 7 days comment is misplaced.

" 20th while the rest of rhe editions with the physical copy will be sold on the 27th. By having xb1 owners able to pick up the CE early on the 20th, they would have broken the street date by able to play it early and possibly leak up tons of spoilers on YouTube "

Then give us the digital codes to distribute to our preorders early. We do this for PC games all the time. FF XIV Heavensward got 4 days before official release. 1 week has been done before as well.


We get our ALL our digital content codes for Xbox Live, Xbox cash from MS through our servers. It's not hard to set up. Customers come back and pick up physical copy early.

Or they could just simply allow us to give our customers their physical copy early just like Activision set up last year and this year will also allow preorders to come pick up physical copies early as a pre-order bonus.

So yeah your making excuses for MS. Those solutions all work and have been done repeatedly. It's not a new thing. Publishers can waive or change release dates if they want to. They can have 1 release for preorders (like Activision setup and will again this year) and a normal release date for people who didn't pre-order.

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Chevalier1221d ago

I don't see why they can't just do the release like FF XIV Heavensward where we gave our customers a code to download and play the game a week early then on release day the customer just comes in and picks up the physical release and bonus items. It's not rocket science.

StrayaKNT1221d ago

Doesn't bother me, saves me having to always change disks lol I have purchased all of Microsofts games digitally this gen and I haven't regretted any.

optimus1221d ago

I don't normally buy digital games unless i don't have a choice or are offered free or dirt cheap but what do you do if you want to play the game at a friend's house? It's a legitimate question since i don't have an xb1....

On a sidenote- i wish they would implement a way to trade in digital games for other digital games. I think that would be the only way to make physical discs obsolete.

ilikepizza1218d ago

You log into Xbox live and your games will have to be downloaded to the friends Xbox. Me and my friend cross home or systems so I can play all his digital games and he can play mines and we live in different states.

Trekster_Gamer1221d ago

I will always choose physical if it is an option.

GearSkiN1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

Lol digital was only option coz they can't pull a physical from deadline... I don't get it, a physical 60 bucks copy comes out the same day... What a dumb decision.

Chevalier1217d ago

Yes they can. Activision allows us to sell our preorders for COD early and will again this year. The publishers set the rules for the releases and reserve the right to waive or change them as they see fit.

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