HEXUS Gaming: Wacky Races Review

Wacky Races Crash and Dash is fun for half an hour or so. It's fun to see all the characters and vehicles and watch some of their abilities play out. It's even nostalgic seeing Dastardly and Muttley up to their old tricks. In truth though, it's only the overall Wacky Races theme that prevents this racer from being a total disaster.

Looks okay, some good cut-scenes with Dick Dastardly
The Wacky Races theme is cool.

This isn't a racing game. Anyone can win.
Mini-games are boring and repetitive
No multiplayer.

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TheXgamerLive3711d ago

I have the newest DVD collection too.

While it was fun to see this again on the DS and Wii, it's dissapointing to see how they did it.
I've gotta say, anyone who's interested at all in this game should pick up the Sega Dreamcast version of this game, it's incredible:))

There was also a ps2 uk version only, but the Dreamcast was the best.