How Satoru Iwata Shaped Nintendo, Gaming, And The World

Examining the incredible life and legacy of Satoru Iwata.

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breakpad1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

ok RIP and may GoD have a place for him ...but independently from the grieve for his death lets be realistic and honest... during Iwata period Nintendo home consoles drowned with all their gimmick and underpowered iterations , he wasnt that good in choosing what was best for his company and console market

wonderfulmonkeyman1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

The profits he brought in despite low Wii U sales speaks otherwise.
The only people who don't accept the fact that he helped keep Nintendo alive and afloat, are those that just didn't like his ideas and ignored the benefits of them.

Also, keep the talk of gimmicks being Nintendo's deal to yourself until people quit spazzing out over Morpheus and Holo Lens.

OzzY-waZZy1224d ago

It's a real tragedy that the man passed away but let's not act like he was this great gaming Messiah. He single handedly almost destroyed gaming in my eyes with cute peripherals and casual gaming gimmicks. Luckily the other two gaming companies didn't follow that trend. Nintendo is a sinking ship largely due to Iwata. I respect him as a human being but I was strongly against him heading Nintendo.

jcnba281224d ago

Responsible for the Wii (102 mil sold) , DS (157 mil sold), 3DS (53 mil sold) and Wii U (10 mil sold)... no other CEO in gaming could say they accomplished that much. And that's just some of what he achieved.

You couldn't even give the man one day without being negative towards Nintendo. Sad.

Elda1224d ago

Maybe there are people that like Nintendo for who they are...not following the hardcore such as Sony & MS.They do their own thing catering to the casual,families & the youth which really isn't a bad thing.

wonderfulmonkeyman1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

That variety and willingness to try new things did not, in any way, harm the rest of the industry.

He made profits galore for Nintendo and inspired some of the company's best ideas, and many people outside of Nintendo respected him for his creativity and willingness to take risks on new ways of playing.
Not liking his ideas doesn't make his ideas bad ones.
The game pad is the most inventive controller since the advent of twin sticks for those not blinded by hate over how "different" it is, and Amiibo has become so popular that demand is tough to keep up with.

You really need to stop this 'Iwata almost ruined my gaming life' kick.

Father__Merrin1224d ago

im always sorry to see good people pass away, may he remain in peace

Germany71224d ago

We will never forget you Iwata. A really interesting story.