Game Informer E3 '08: The Big Three, Broken Down

The Good, The Bad and The WTF

Game Informer writes:

"We've had a few days to recuperate from the temporary madness of E3 and let most of it soak in. People love grading Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony on their overall performances, and we're no different. After thinking long and hard about what we saw last week, we present to you our breakdowns, arranged in alphabetical order. Each is divided into the good, the bad and the what the...frick. Enjoy."

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fufotrufo3646d ago

No contest ..MS won again :)

bu bububububu they din't showw upcomingg gamess likeee MAAAAG!!!


boodybandit3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

dyslexia or are you just trying to be cute?

jkhan3646d ago

Sony had a strong showing compared to MS and Nintendo. But Sony didn't really showed any stunning announcements. I think they are holding it for Leipzig

Fowack3646d ago

This guy speaks some truth but he is still favoring the box a little and bacically took a dumb on nintendo, witch when i think about it was rightfuly deserved.