No Man's Sky Fears "genitals"

No Man's Sky founder Sean Murray acknowledges and accepts the player's obsession with naming things after genitals.

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3-4-51165d ago

* Wasn't aware we get to name ships, weapons and creatures as well....

* Iwata Planet will be happening.

Orbilator1165d ago

Well they should have a three strike and your console ip is banned from the server. Amen

Septic1165d ago

Hmm I dunno about this. It'll be kind of annoying visiting planets named things like xXXQuikScopeXXx.

phoenixwake1165d ago

Experience the vistas of the beautiful exotic world of YoloBlazin420!

JackStraw1165d ago

Why would that be annoying?

Septic1165d ago

Well it takes away from the mistique of it all. Oh here's this amazing new planet you discover. Oh its called KanyeWestsElbow.

Could be funny too mind you.

Monkey5211165d ago

That's what happens when you allow pre-adolescent/teenage kids name things in video games. UGC (user generated content) is always a tricky ordeal. Like he said, they'll catch the obvious stuff and moderate it but users will always figure out how to get something through the system.

Skate-AK1165d ago

It's not just kids. Can't even count how many grown men I ran into on Black Ops 2 with dicks as their emblems. It is either that or animals rapeing each other.

jdiggitty1165d ago

Why couldn't offensive namings be reported then the name deleted so the item could be "discovered" again? The person who made the offensive name loses credit for the find, if that's even a thing in the game

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The story is too old to be commented.