New Info on Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep & 358/2 Days

Kingdom Hearts Insider writes: "This information comes from a report in a gaming magazine posted by Japanese blog, Apocalypse. Nothing new on Coded, but some new stuff on Birth by Sleep and 358/2 Days. When images become available, we'll keep you updated."

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Hmmmm, not 358/2 release date... fail. I can't see this game coming to US on Christmas times otherwise next year around March 4 sure.

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now start on KH3 for the PS3 please

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Kingdom Hearts 3
Platform: PlayStation 3?
Possible Release Dates:
- Japan // Late 2010?
- North America // Early 2011?
- Europe // Late 2011?

Based on the current success and ongoing developments in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, it is largely speculated that a third installment in the KH Series will appear in the future. Please note all information on this page is speculation.

Current Development Status:
With the development team of Kingdom Hearts 2 currently working on Final Fantasy Versus XIII, it is expected that if an announcement of a Kingdom Hearts 3 is to take place, it will likely be after the release of that game. Therefore, we speculate that the first concrete news on this title will appear at either TGS 2008 (October 9th - 12th) or TGS 2009.

What would the Storyline possibly be?
In an interview with Tesuya Nomura (Series Creator), when asked if he had thought of a plotline for Kingdom Hearts 3, he stated "Hmm... I have an idea but it can't be helped because my team are planning to work on our next different title. So we're not working on KHIII now and we're not planning to work on it for some time, too. I have a plot in my head but I'm not sure if it'll be released to the world or just stay in there" (Source: KH2 Ultimania)

After the release of Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix+, Nomura gave another insight into the possible future of the series: "My own feelings are that I would like to give Sora a break from large adventures for a little while. In the ending of Kingdom Hearts II, there was a scene where Sora received a letter from the King; for Sora, I would like you to consider this as a new beginning." (View Ending Video)

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