Could Aloy From Horizon: Zero Dawn Become The Next Big Sony Mascot?

While Naughty Dog hasn’t said the Uncharted series will conclude with Uncharted 4, they have firmly stated that it will be Nathan Drake’s last hoorah, which sets things up nicely for Horizon’s Aloy.

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SmokingMonkey1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Could Horizon ZD be set in the way future of the Killzone Universe?

I only pose this theory because Guerilla tweeted this picture before the E3 they Unveiled HorizonZD.

A long shot I know, but what a twist that would be,

Helghast DinoBots, the Red eyes are there.

As for Aloy, becoming a "mascot" ; that is impossible. PS has never had a mascot because of it's vast diversity of games. Sure she will be welcomed to the PS Mt Rushmore, as long as HZD is a hit...Which it looks to be a stellar hit!!

FamilyGuy1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

"Never"? No, Crash Bandicoot was DEFINITELY Sony's mascot back in the PS1 era.

About your first remark: I had the exact same thought when it was first unveiled. So far in the future it looked like the buildings in Killzone Shadowfall had been overrun by plant-life, I Am Legend style.

SmokingMonkey1250d ago

And Sackboy was "it" last gen. Sure they come...but eventually they go.

It's a good thing IMO, as much as I love LBP I can't wait for Dreams!

_-EDMIX-_1248d ago

Agreed, that is the closest Sony has ever had to even promoting one. They haven't really seeked such a thing as I feel it hurts business. They don't want 1 IP, brand etc to represent PS as folks feel if they don't' like that game, then they won't like all PS systems.

They where right to stop that and right to continue the equal support of many IPs vs the focus on 1 IP.

That can hurt them more then help if you really think about it.

We all know Halo 5, Mario, Zelda are MS and Nintendo's heavy hitters, how does it look when you get a bad title from either of those games? It gives this look as if the BEST on that system is a bad game.

So them not having a mascot has allowed them to NOT be identifed by a certain IP as to not have any bias going into a gen.

You might have not liked Crash or Spyro, you might have not liked Ratchet or Jak, or Sly
you might have not liked Resistance, Uncharted or may have liked The Last Of Us.

In that regard, they are able to make anyone a PS fan no matter how long it takes, how many Halos or Marios or Zeldas would it take to change your mind on those IPs?

The reality is, if you didn't like God Of War in 2005, you may not change your mind 10 years later on the series lol, but with Sony making many new ips, it allows them to get new gamers every single gen.

ie just why they have sold the most out of all the gens.

Aloy-Boyfriend1250d ago

I like your theory. That could be great

one2thr1250d ago

I was thinking the same thing

Like what if the VSA/IsA and Helghast destroyed vekta with their battles, and the Helghast machines were somehow built with an A.I. to protect Helghast, but it became corrupted.

It knew helghan was destroyed by ISA with helghast tech, and it see that the Vektans are dangerous, but the helghans that survived and live on vekta are now vektans because Helghan no longer exist and they have to protect helghans from vektans, and the only helghans that exist, are the robots/tech. And now the machines are preserving their life style.

Watchers-look out for potential threats, and when needed they call out for reinforcements.

Long necks-pass this information onto other mechanical gatherings, seeing that their purpose is for communications.

Grazers- look like mobile quadruped renewable fuel source factories. Based on the video it look like they converted grass into some type of liquid, possibly fuel for their kind.

Thunder Jaws-look like their meant to protect a mechanical gathering, from outside threats. And apparently hiding behind a large boulder isnt going to prevent these bad boys from getting to you.

oh and then there was a "Storm", not sure if Aloy meant an actual storm-storm, or if she was talking about that particular type of mechanical flying beast.

So, "Storms"- are flight capable machines that looks to be capable of firing off electrical discharges.

Well those are my speculations.

SmokingMonkey1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )


Here's that thing that would scan you in the stealth mission of Killzone 3. Kazan Jungle.

Very similar because it was probably the same concept artist. But still, it could be the very first HorizonZD dinobot.

one2thr1250d ago

And at the very beginning of Shadow fall there was a upgraded version of that bot as a hologram, in the kids room.

SmokingMonkey1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

You're right, another possible precursor.

Wouldn't surprise me if there was an even bigger Horizon easter egg found in the future.

5yb5n6u1250d ago

red-haired mascot?
no freckles no buy!

Rhezin1250d ago

neither does Kurapika

5yb5n6u1250d ago

least they always good with bow and arrow.

hope they didnt kill her for some stupid reason like love

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DiscoKid1250d ago

Not trying to be a jerk, but what makes her iconic?

FamilyGuy1250d ago

All console exclusive characters are iconic in my opinion, they all stand out and are memorable when they're in games that do well at least.

FunAndGun1250d ago

Oh!, it's the boots with the fur.

Relientk771250d ago

I would rather have the robot dinosaurs be thr mascots honestly lol

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