RAAM Remastered

EB: The Coalition has posted some new concept art from Gears of War: Ultimate Edition to show off the newly remastered General RAAM.

RAAM was easily the best of the main bad guys in the original Gears of War franchise thanks to his no nonsense approach to killing COGs, and his execution of Mingh early on in Gears 1.

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daBUSHwhaka1251d ago

Absolutely stunning.Can't wait to play this again.

Apex131251d ago

first and only remaster I have purchased and what made me finally get my xbox one.

4Sh0w1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

"Fun fact: we doubled the triangle count (model quality) of RAAM from 14,000 in the original Gears of War 1 to over 30,000 triangles in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition!"

-I knew they were adding some detail but thats freaking cool, RAAM looks like even more of a azz-kickin-mofo, lol...along with 1080p 60fps I really like what they are doing with this remaster.

spicelicka1251d ago

Lol at the people who were saying remastered graphics look worse, must be out their minds

Eldyraen1251d ago

Environment is what looks the most different ("bad" so to speak). The level of detail is great but it is also more flat in many places we've seen thus far (less contrast between objects--sort of like it is all cleaner than it was or should be).

I won't judge it entirely until I play the whole game but in some places it does lack something the original somehow still did better at least imo. No denying it looks great though and nitpicking isn't worth it really but there are some subtle (and not so subtle) changes that could be more noticeable or questionable by more experienced Gears players (some metallic objects were actually removed from Gridlock and replaced with stone--makes for more uniform but somewhat duller appearance near the bell tower).

I won't be spending my time comparing changes though but they are there and just depends on what you prefer.

At least we get to shoot the bell again though so it's all good.

spicelicka1251d ago

That's all agreeable, the difference is in the art style. I myself prefer the original gritty art style with high contrast and lighting, but people were here complaining that the GRAPHICS are worse, which is a joke. They looks crisp and smooth as hell.

Sciurus_vulgaris1251d ago

Beautiful yet hideously ugly at the same time.

rockstedy0011251d ago

It would have been great to have g.raam in the hole gow trilogy! Killing him in the 1st game was a bad call imo. Since then, there has not been a boss that felt like a boss in gears 2,3 and judgement! 3's boss was ok but the fact that without the bug she was utterly useless, not a single shot fired! And why the hell did she look human? They never clarrified that in the trilogy. 2's boss was a joke, just point & fire the dawn no skills needed! Judgements, the same problem as in gears 3! As limitted as gears 1's boss was,(fighting on the train with no space) it was still exciting going against raam, the train speeding, the chopper shooting the reavers, the krills standout role, the raam shield_projectile! Great stuff indeed. Game on!

Eldyraen1251d ago

Gears' story still has more holes than almost any other AAA title I can think of. I love the franchise but the story is pretty broken once you think any deeper than the basics of go from point A to point B or "this happened to this guy or gal".

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