Microsoft to distribute films on Xbox Live; Sony studies options for Play Station Network

Microsoft is co-producing a series of digital short films for distribution over the Xbox Live, another sign that online gaming networks are becoming more like all-in-one digital-content distribution channels.

Meanwhile, Sony is eyeing its own exclusive video offerings for distribution over the PlayStation Network, possibly in partnership with the company's formidable movie and television studios.

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Silogon3640d ago

Sony owns Fox or are very close with Fox as they have licences for many of their movies and yet they put up everything but the Simpsons. Seems logical to me.

Give us crap ass Family guy, Adult Swim, Robotchicken and why not throw in some Southpark and king of the hill but don't give us anything worth watching.

Tv is overrated anyways but not nearly as overrated as the xbox live movie place and the PSN's videostore.

Netflix crushes them both and Comcast HD on demand cripples and crushes them all.

green3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

It will be interesting to see what these short films would be like.Anyway, who can complain when they are free.

Mc Fadge3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

Xam'd and that music show anybody?

TheColbertinator3640d ago

A friend of mine who works at Netflix told me the Netflix deal with Microsoft is a farce.He told me Netflix has a catalog of 100,000 movies but said the 360/Netflix deal is limited to 10,000 movies.He said its because Microsoft has not decided to charge extra for the movies it rents.te movie comanies get a meager cut from the 360/Netflix seal and are'nt willing to open up the rest of their 90,000 movie catalog because of additional payments from the consumer through Xbox Live.Understand?

Bladestar3640d ago

"A friend of mine who works at Netflix " lol! let me guess.. your friend is the president of Netflix and he is in all the meetings between microsoft and Netflix...

Tell your friend to stick to his entry level position...

I have a friend that works at the post office (government) and he told me that the are currently working on a new classified stealth-supersonic-b!tch-slapp ing plane that uses air as fuel...

Bzone243640d ago

lol at Cobert thinking his friend has insider info.

Netflix themselves currently offers over 12,000 movies you can stream online. They are going to be offering the same movies on the Xbox 360 as you can stream online at on your computer.

Your "friend" should know that Netflix doesn't even have their entire library opened up on there own website. It's not about Microsoft money, it's about working deals with movie companies to be able to distribute the movies online and on the 360.

immarriedtoafatchick3640d ago

huh what oh the ps3 already got this kthx lose :-)

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The story is too old to be commented.