20 Games to Get You through the Summer Gaming Drought

Just like every year before, the summer game drought is here. Play these recent hits to keep your self satiated until the holiday season returns.

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Ahmay1248d ago

that witcher guy looks like Jaime Lannister!

Somebody1248d ago

I changed the Withcer's hair style and add a little bit of facial hair so now he looks like John Wick.

Bathyj1247d ago

God I hate that. Thanks for the info. Saved me even one click.

RealFry1247d ago

Planetside 2 never got a mention and it's F2P...

ironcrow23861247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Isnt the whole point of this list meant to get you through the summer draught quicker?? Somehow i cant see hardline or destiny achieving that feat

Ramser121247d ago

The witcher 3 got me through one month, and I plan for FFXIV To get me through the next 2

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