Games Abyss: Golden Axe: Beast Rider Preview

Kicking a gnome in the head and watching his little body fall to the ground and toss out a potion ranks up there with the most fun experiences in gaming. 1989's Golden Axe not only allowed you to punt gnomes, but actually rewarded you for it! An act not truly seen in gaming since, but it wasn't just the abuse of little races that catapulted this game to Classic status. The central theme of cooperative play was one of the first gamers remember, and for that Golden Axe remains as one of multiplayer gaming's forefathers. Not content to let the game simply be a memory of the old Golden Age of the arcade, SEGA is giving the franchise rejuvenation on the current hardware.

In the previous game players were able to choose between Ax Battler, Tyris Flare, and Gilius Thunderhead to take down the evil Death Adder. This time around SEGA is focusing the adventure of Golden Axe: Beast Rider around the scantily clad mistress of combat, Tyris Flare. The other characters do make an appearance in the game, though only in the form on NPCs.

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