Total Playstation: SOCOM Confrontation Preview

Total Playstation only got a brief look at the game, which should be hitting the PSN in just a few months, but what they saw, the remade classic map Crossroads was plenty promising. In addition to all the fancy pants visual upgrades to things like depth-of-field effects, motion blur, heat wave effects, and so on, they got to see little details like fully modeled bullet casings that would get ejected from rifles, land on the trunk of a car and then roll off the back with full physics interactions.

No, it doesn't really add anything to the game itself, but it was still cool to see that level of attention to detail.

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PoSTedUP3712d ago

the greatest MP franchise ever created. (my opinion)

omg im going to retire everything when this comes out i sware.

thor3711d ago

IMO zipper's new game should have been called socom. Then people would have been far more excited about it than now it's called MAG. I don't think it would particularly have a negative impact on sales of this game. But we know the only reason for the interest in confrontation is BECAUSE it's socom - and bear in mind it's being made by a different company.

PimpHandHappy3711d ago

might still be called Socom