New screens and trailer for Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5

A new gameplay trailer has been released today by Activision for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 . Backed with punk band Plague Vendor’s track “Black Sap Scriptures”, the video shows skateboarding pros and hidden characters, classic trick combos in brand new levels and tons of skaters ripping together.

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BigBosss1250d ago

Can't wait to pick this up for the PS2!

SonyStyled1249d ago

Pick it up now! Trailer says feb 2015!!!

gatormatt801249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

European's put the day before the month. So 2/10/2015 is actually Oct. 2nd.

Debaitable1249d ago

With all the free current-gen game engines available, I'm surprised it ended up like this. It's not like they have an indie budget either.

When they said they were bringing back the old Tony Hawk back I didn't expect it to be this.


Aenea1249d ago

Even though those game engines are free to download and make a game with, they usually aren't free once you want to actually publish the game.

Anyways, this game looks horrible! And am not sure why...

TXIDarkAvenger1249d ago

So PS3 and 360 versions are coming after PS4 and One but there is no PC version? OK then...

Scatpants1249d ago

Why does it look so bad? Is this a game for the Apple Watch or something?

INTOmyMOUTH1249d ago

My God. Stfu about how it looks. This has never been about the graphics or realism.

KingTrash1249d ago

Regardless if that's what this game is about, there's absolutely no reason for the game to look this bad. It's so disappointing. I was so excited about this game before seeing what it looks like.

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