Jade Raymond Working On Amy Hennig's Star Wars Game, Founds New Studio

She will also be in charge of Visceral, the studio making Amy Hennig's Star Wars game aside from her own.

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Aery1250d ago

Good news, best wishes for her!

Rimeskeem1249d ago

According to rumors, they are working on a title a lot like Uncharted. Is that Star Wars 1313 I smell....

TheXgamerLive1249d ago

I'd love to see an open Fallout style of a StarWars game. You explore the world, its mountains, caves, cities and non explored area and developed as you wish. Bounty Hunter, Jedi, and anything in between. SP only with a lone wolf feel to it.

JBaby3431249d ago

@TheXgamerLive: I've wanted exactly that for years now. Put a deep progression system to the characters with force unleashed-like powers and fully destructible environments. Add in great story lines and memorable characters and you've got yourself a killer game.

Donjune1250d ago

Should be something worth checking out. Just for pics of Jade alone lol!

ScorpiusX1250d ago ShowReplies(1)
LazerShark1250d ago

Other than her looks, I never understood the gamer obsession with this producer.

I mean Sims Online, Assassin's Creed and Watch dogs were all mediocre at best.
I did enjoy Assassin's Creed 2.

You should not get a free pass just because you are hot. If you suck at your job (which come on, WATCHDOGS), you should be called on it.

Anyway, best of luck to her, and hopefully the new Star Wars game she is workign on will be more AC2, and less Watchdogs.

Skate-AK1250d ago

I enjoyed Watch Dogs. Got the Platinum for it and never thought it was a crap game. Sure it had its problems but it wasn't nearly as bad as other titles at came out early in the life cycle of last gen. Ever get to play Lair or Haze on PS3? Now those were bad. They had potential though.

LazerShark1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Yes I played Lair, and that was utter garbage.

How can you say Watchdogs was a good game? Buggy as shit, generic, and they lied to get pre-orders.


I mean I am happy you enjoyed it, but I don't like being flat out lied to.

Exoil1249d ago

Lazer: The game don't look anything like that on current gen or PC.
Sure,the game doesn't look like it did in the E3 Trailer, but the end product was still solid, albeit overhyped.

This is how it looked on the PS4.

JBaby3431249d ago

I've been enjoying Watch Dogs. The player 1-on-1 is really fun in addition to the SP component. It does take a little while to learn all the ways you can use technological exploits to give you the advantage.

starchild1249d ago


Well I don't agree. I loved Assassin's Creed when it came out. It was one of the few games early in the generation that felt like a fresh experience. AC2 was awesome as well. Actually, I've enjoyed all of the AC games, although I do think they need to give it a break.

Watch Dogs was pretty good too. Not amazing, but definitely pretty enjoyable for me.

I've always admired Jade Raymond's intelligence and enthusiasm. The fact she's nice to look at doesn't hurt either. I'm happy she's still involved with making games. I wish her the best of luck in her endeavors.

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ps360s1250d ago

Well...why don't you do something about it then...

AC path the way to future installments

Watchdog well it was a good game and Sims online has it's fans

She may not be the best but she is doing something for the industry and using her skills to lead

Skate-AK1250d ago

I never said it was good. Just don't think it was crap. The downgrade was real too and that is straight up Ubisofts fault but I bought it knowing that it wouldn't look like that E3 demo and still had a good time with it. Maybe it is because I only paid $18 for it. I could see being upset if I paid $60. I personally didn't have any gameplay effecting bugs.

LazerShark1249d ago


Well lol we are not talking about the same thing. You played the patched up "Platinum" version and bought it for $18, I was stupid enough to pre-order a game based on the awesome videos... And got a bug filled, unplayable piece of junk that looked nothing like they promised.

Exoil1249d ago

Lazer: I too preordered the game and only got one bug where I couldn't continue in a mission and had to start over about 2 hours in. Other than that one, nothing game breaking.

And the game looked exactly as it did in the E3 2013 trailers and the trailers leading up to the release

starchild1249d ago


I'm sorry, but I don't buy that for a second. We knew for over a year and a half how Watch Dogs would look. We knew they weren't able to match the initial gameplay demo. I knew exactly what I was getting when I bought the game, and so did anybody else that was paying attention.

Raiden1249d ago

Congratulations on all your achievements, Queen of the adventure games. Good luck on your new studio.

(@ Madmen) and To all your critics, If you don't have nothing nice to say, say nothing we don't want to read your dribble, as this amazing woman has produced some of the best fun in gaming for me and many of my friends. So don't you dare say she done nothing, Google her it only takes a moment.

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UnHoly_One1250d ago

Watch Dogs was one of my favorite games last year. I loved it. I've replayed it a couple times, actually.

Just because the internet decided to hate it because the graphics weren't as good as what they first showed off didn't make the game any less fun to me.

Irishguy951249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

The mechanics were extremely poor, I didnt' care about the graphics. THe game itself just wasn't great. It wasnt crap. Just you know, not worth it, overhyped. Waste of money really for everyone involved. Except sales.

Ubisoft lied about the game, hyped it to ****. Advertised it to ****

Proved a game doesn't need to be any good to get sales.

MegaRay1249d ago

Business men dont look at gameplay and scores, they look at sales. Which watchdog sold good. So yeah, watchdog is a success and she'll be hired wherever she wants.
Oh and being hot help too...

Baka-akaB1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

When it comes to that franchise , she only worked on both AC 1 and 2 wich were fine and even great games . Just because people are getting fed up with how the serie turned out later on , it doesnt magically erase the good from AC1 and especially the massive improvement from AC2 .

Christopher1249d ago

Who's obsessed with her? Why do people think reporting on news of a woman in the industry equates to obsession?

rainslacker1249d ago

She actually gets less press than her male counterparts if you really think about it.

People in comments sections seem to make a bigger deal about her gender, and her looks, in forums and comments sections, whereas things tend to focus on the game in articles that feature male developers.

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Skate-AK1250d ago

And they say girls are suppressed in game development. She was very successful at Ubisoft, has her own studio now and is head of Visceral. That's quite the accomplishment regardless of gender. Still having hope for a new Dead Space.

Crazyglues1250d ago

Girls are still suppressed in Game development, one woman starting her own studio doesn't mean it's time to celebrate... especially when she is probably the only woman you can name that has actually done it.

She probably also had to start her own studio because no other Male run game studio was going to make her a game executive even though she clearly has all the talent in the world.

-But it also took a year, and that's probably because it was maybe, hard as hell to get another job as an executive, so she decided to start her own company because then there are no rules / or silly stereo types.

So yes I'm very happy for her, I think it's awesome, but just like movies being directed by women is so rare it's a shame, I don't think this means yes it's suddenly a fair playing field for women in game development.

ScorpiusX1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

Girls are still suppressed in Game development, one woman starting her own studio doesn't mean it's time to celebrate... especially when she is probably the only woman you can name that has actually done it.

Can't put the entire blame on the industry when small pool of women candidates or those interested is very small or none are interested.

She probably also had to start her own studio because no other Male run game studio was going to make her a game executive even though she clearly has all the talent in the world.

That's a lie, Bonnie Ross, Kiki Wolfkill ,Jen MacLean say different .

Crazyglues1249d ago

@ castillo

LoL... I like how people take things on here literally like it's actual fact.

First of all I said probably, which means it's more likely then not likely.

I wasn't blaming the industry, I was just saying it probably is hard as hell for a woman to get another job as executive, compared to a man.

I'm sure companies hire men as executives more often then they do woman. (I'm not blaming anyone I'm just saying that's probably what's happening)

comebackkid98911249d ago

Or maybe it's harder to get women interested in S.T.E.M. fields?

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