Monster Hunter Series’ Special Event Has Been Postponed, Announcement Also Delayed

This week's Monster Hunter series special event has been postponed to a yet to be confirmed date. The announcement has also been delayed

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blackblades1168d ago

I think I know why but I'm not going to say anything cause I probably be wrong.

rezzah1168d ago

I came here to say the same thing.

Fro_xoxo1168d ago

Oh.. If that happens.. !

littlezizu1168d ago

Most likely it would be exclusive either ps4 or 3ds (safe bet)as each entry of franchise has always been exclusive.

Perjoss1168d ago

A new MH needs to come to any HD platform, I don't care which, I'll even happily take a MH4U port for the WiiU.

mokkeyrg21168d ago

new MH should come to all consoles tbh we gamers can only hope and wish