GameTrailers: Naruto: The Broken Bond Comic-Con 08: Epic Cam Cinematic

Now things are getting interesting. Naruto and Co. get on some giant beasts and get ready to duke it out on this Xbox 360 exclusive title.

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avacadosnorkel3527d ago

on PS3 looks way better than this one.

But it got me thinking why does Ubisoft have a Naruto game and Namco?

Anyway, even if this game is made by some Ubisoft owned developer in Japan they should feel bad because that other Naruto game coming out looks like anime while this is just another cell shaded video game.

supergamer3527d ago

wow no offense but this game looks horrible, sorta looks like a PS2 game

Majin Uchiha3527d ago

This game looks sweet, and i will be getting it day one