Sony Needs to Address Their PSN Problem

PlayStation has had too many PSN issues since the release of the PlayStation 4. Players are getting frustrated, and for good reason.

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Sureshot1250d ago

The irony? It worked almost flawlessly on PS3 when it was free

Septic1250d ago

" It worked almost flawlessly on PS3 when it was free"

Eh? No it didn't.

Crimzon1250d ago

It might not have been flawless but it definitely worked a lot better on PS3, that's for sure. There were much better PS+ offerings back then as well.

breakpad1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

PSN imo takes a lot more hacker hits than any other console... the more popular you are, the biggest target you become ...also this is a stopple for all the lame supporters of "all Digital and 24/7 internet connected future" ....

freshslicepizza1250d ago

ddos attacks are hard to defend against so i'm not sure how that can be addressed but it impacts others not just sony. i believe this is the number one priority out there and even this site has now tried to align itself with outside support to help this issue.

what isn't acceptable is the answer to due to popular demand. simply unacceptable to have a paid service buckle under heavy use. this is an area sony needs to fix immediately by investing more into their infrastructure. it happened quite frequently on the ps3 when new games came out, especially popular ones to have online issues until things settled down. apparently it still happens on the ps4 and now that they charge it needs to be dealt with.

sony made huge improvements on the store front for the ps4. on the ps3 it's still slow as molasses and cumbersome to navigate. one thing we still don't get a proper explanation on is why does sony have to shut down part and at times all of the services for regular maintenance? this has been going on since psn started and still goes on. to me it sounds like their infrastructure was poorly conceived from the start and now that it's a paid service it should not go down at all.

ifistbrowni1250d ago

I'm glad I live in a Region where I'm rarely effected by these "outages" or other complaints like D/L speeds being atrociously slow...

Hopefully Sony fixes it for the seemingly plenty of people that do live in regions where it's "always" down.

kaizokuspy1250d ago

@all the download speeds don't necessarily have anything to do with Sony. It could also be your isp preferring other people's bandwidth due to net neutrality laws. I pay for what's called "preferred premium plan" through cox cable. That means my bandwidth won't slow down but in fact my downloads and usage govern priority over those who went with a cheaper package. Sony can't control that. It's net neutrality in work. I downloaded rocket league, 2 gigs, in under 6 minutes. That was the entire file. So think on that. Sony def needs to do infrastructure to there psn, but slow speeds today aren't necessarily all sony. Sometimes your isp is just a doucher.

Fiveohfour5041250d ago

@kaizokuspy I had to make an account just to tell you how idiotic this comment is, so congratulations for that. Cox Preferred Premium tier is just the name of the tier, it's been a variation of that for years and has nothing to do with network prioritization procedures and certainly doesn't mean your traffic takes priority over people who chose cheaper plans. I will never understand how and why people can just spew verbal diareah as fact that they've just simply decided in their head "hey that's probably what that means", and then throw in a reference to "net neutrality laws" to try and make it sound like you know what you're talking about when they actually prevent exactly what you are saying even in current form and even if they didn't that's not what the name means. If the people in your neighborhood connected to your node are using more bandwidth than it can supply everyone's connection will slow down an even percentage and that's still got nothing to do with this as people are referring to times when their full paid bandwidth is verifiably available as confirmed by speed test results to any other server and yet they can only download a file from PSN at a fraction of their max speed often times. In such a case only Sony and by extension whoever it rents server capacity from us to blame, plain and simple.

Please refrain from spreading misinformation and utter BS masquerading as factual information in the future as it not only makes you look stupid but it makes whoever believes you look stupid as well whenever they pass said BS on to someone who knows better.

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Utalkin2me1250d ago

So it has been down 3 times for less then a day. And 2 of the 3 times have been in the last 2 weeks. And have been ddosed twice and down for a day each, in 2 years. That doesn't seem like a major problem to me.

Download speeds, im sure some of this has to do with peoples connections too. My PSN speeds are almost what i get on steam. I have most retail full size games downloaded from a hour to hour and half.

While i know PSN hasn't been perfect by any means. It has been very solid for me. And im sure they will get whatever is ironed out for other users that are experiencing problems.

Aenea1250d ago

Yeah that list shows that it hasn't gone down that often and to be fair I game a heck of a lot and could still play online during the short outages in the past few weeks, sure sometimes I had to try to login 2 or 3 times and the PS App on my iPad couldn't log in, etc., etc. but I could still at least play.

Should they try to minimise this stuff? Of course they should, I rather have everything working 24/7, 365 days a year but stuff happens, I don't see reason for much outrage there.

The download speeds on the other hand are really not related to people's connections, I have a 200/20mbit connection and sometimes (a lot of the times actually) a 2GB update takes 4+ hours which is odd to say the least. Especially odd when you consider that fiddling with the network settings can help for a while until it doesn't or trying to pause the downloads for a bit and then resume them can also help.

And there are other issues, like the store not always loading for me on the PS4 which can be annoying at times.

All in all I don't see a reason to pick up my pitchfork just yet as some people already seem to have done...

DragoonsScaleLegends1250d ago

But tell me how PS3 even used PSN? All it had was a simple text message system, a store that took 2 minutes sometimes to load, laggy multiplayer matches, a very limited amount of friends, a trophy system that took forever to sync and then load, and not only that it was hacked and offline forever. PS4 is a improvement in every single way and has so many more PSN related features along with a store that loads instantly. While still far from perfect it's way better than the limited amount of PS3 PSN features. It's not surprising that a console that is so connected to the internet and has a enormous amount of new customers goes down from time to time. The fact that the speeds are way better than launch just shows that it is improving regardless of the every 2 weeks 30min down time or the holiday ddos's.

one2thr1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Didnt psn online stop being free after the devs implemented the need to redeem an online pass, and if someone decided to wait and by a pre owned copy of a game they were forced to spend $10 for said online pass

This time around there are no online passes needed.

So psn online stopped being free before the ps4 was even announced?

one2thr1250d ago

To those that disagree please explain to me why you disagree or why I am wrong?

Some titles did and do require an online pass.

sinspirit1250d ago

Because, whatever games did have online passes... It came with the game you bought, so it should have been free. EA implemented it before to battle piracy. They let you buy online passes because not every account on the same PlayStation could play because they didn't have online passes, and also for used game sales. It was a ridiculous thing but they did it. If you bought the game new then you had no issue.

one2thr1250d ago

Exactly, I should have worded my comment better.

And also lets say on some occasion a new buyer lost their online pass, they'd be screwed, if it was accidently or purposefully destroyed, they'd be screwed.

Point is, no one at the point was going to be able to play their title online until they entered a online pass code. With or without PS+, and as you guys can see that practice didnt make its way onto the PS4.

lipton1011250d ago

I really don't understand what problems everyone is referring to. They're more like tiny nitpicks to me. It's worked great for me barring initial ps4 release and Xmas 2014

GameBoyColor1250d ago

Wasnt there a blackout during Ps3 era due to actual hacking? I wasnt on ps3 back then so i dont really know. Was rocking the ps2 still lmao

Yahdaree1250d ago

@sure No, no, no it didn't. Its better on PS4 but it still could get even better.

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Wh15ky1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

I agree.

I also hate how you can't download purchased or rented video content to PS4.

I recently purchased season 5 of Game of Thrones from PSN as I couldn't wait for the DVD release.
I have never purchased video content before from PSN (only ever rented but renting TV programmes is not an option). I was disgusted to find there is no option to download purchased video content.
I wanted to watch an episode last week and was unable to because PSN was undergoing maintenance.

When I rented movies on my PS3 I always downloaded them before watching them because I didn't want PSN going down or a dip in my internet connection to ruin the movie. Why on earth is this not possible on the PS4?

Utalkin2me1250d ago

I'm guessing if you're not wanting your movies streamed. Then you probably want to purchase them on your PS3. Thats what i soley use my PS3 for in my theater room.

Wh15ky1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

That is a sensible solution but my PS3 is packed away in a box upstairs, I like to keep my TV cabinet in my Living Room tidy with just my one console of choice alongside my sky box and Blu-ray player.

I don't understand why it is not possible to download video content to the PS4 when it was possible on PS3 (especially purchased content).

I rent movies quite regularly and it hasn't been an issue so far because we generally browse the store, rent the movie and watch it there and then.

But I find it unacceptable that having purchased content, my ability to enjoy it is at the mercy of PSN and my internet connection.

fathertime19801250d ago

I use vudu. Download to my pc so I jave and just strean it through my x1. Upsets me that neither ps4 or x1 let you download anymore!

Ozmoses1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

look I understand services go down every now and then...

but am I missing something??

I mean I use my PS4 daily.... literally I'm a disabled veteran... all I do is sit at home with my misery/thoughts and play video games..

it is my release from reality...

What I mean is.... I am on PSN all the damn time...

I know PSN has some issues but it is nothing like these articles are trying to say...

I can connect and play/buy/rent/do whatever 99.9% of the time..

You cannot guarentee an internet service that will never lose connection...

I mean use your heads people... It's your ISP most likely half of the damn time.

They always improve it and always will.. What the hell do you think the updates are for??

Letthewookiewin1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

I rarely have problems with PSN. Articles like these are hoping to generate X1 sales by hopefully detouring someone away from makeing a PS4 purchase over X1 by portraying PSN as a horrible service.

PSN_ZeroOnyx1250d ago

I fully agree.

I work 13 days on 1 off and get on in the mornings and evenings with zero issues with the exception of the Christmas DDoS attacks.

I never have PSN downtime even when Sony says some people may have issues and never have downtime when articles on N4G say it's down.

Although the store was down once for maintenance when I tried to access it. I guess i should write Sony an angry e-mail asking why they hate me so much /s

1nsomniac1250d ago

What a stupid remark. Are you really claiming that people can't tell the difference between an ISP problem & a PSN issue?

OB1Biker1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

The truth is both PSN and XBL could do with improvements but every time a service is disturbed its completely blown out of proportion on the internet (specially PSN) and most of the time its the only way I know its been down 30 minutes or an hour or whatever. And a lot of people make it to be a big deal on the internet specially in the fanboy wars crap (see the first comment on top)

Nykamari1250d ago

@oozmoses thank you you service bro!!!! And I agree I'm on the psn all the time too and don't have that problem. The most I have is that my service provider sucks....

Rookie_Monster1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Agreed. I think the issue is blown out of proportion tbh. I rarely have issue with PSN and I am on it almost everyday for a couple hours at least. I think it went down for me for like an 1/2 hour, maybe it was because I logged in during maintenance, one time within the past 5 weeks.

Service provider and areas do make a difference I believed, just like any other network. Remember, those that have issue tend to speak the loudest in Forums and on the internet, in general and the majority that arre fine with their PSN, tend to keep quiet and continue to play on. But it isn't neccessary a bad thing to let Sony know that improvement is needed. It can only help make PSN better

Letthewookiewin1250d ago

A very level headed reply Rookie. I agree.

Ozmoses1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Hit me up on PSN - JayBizzle311

I'm getting Godzilla on Tuesday!! It looks super fun in that super cheesy Godzilla way!

@Nykamari - Thanks for the kind words!

kayoss1250d ago

My Xfinity (comcast) goes down more than a porn star. But seriously, my xfinity connection is usually the culprit. I just reset and call xfinity.

remixx1161250d ago

Thank you for your service big homie, I dont understand these issues at all either, ive only had problems logging in once in the last month.

also if ypu ever need somebody to play with hit me up.

Spotie1250d ago

Thank you for your service.

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ocelot071250d ago

strange last gen all I ever read was comments like you get what you pay for when it came to PSN. As it was down a lot back then. I for one had a lot of issues with it over the years.

Now that it is paid for. Since the PS4 released I can possibly count on 1 hand how many issues I have had with it. Not to bad in my opinion but I agree it does need improving.

NobodyEpic1250d ago

Biggest concern for me is the download speed. Its ridiculously slow. PSN needs major fixing.

Wh15ky1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Wouldn't that be down to your internet connection.

Download speed in my area average 6Mbps (which is painfully slow), but when downloading anything from PSN it tends to match my connection speed, is it possible to download something from PSN quicker than your internet connection.

lemoncake1250d ago

It's not just your connection that determines maximum speed, servers also have to be connected to the internet somehow. You have the problem when your max download exceeds the servers max upload, if you have a really good connection you hit this limit a lot. Connections don't match your speed they just allow you to downoad up to their upload limit, whatever that may be either physically or deliberately capped per connection.

Aenea1250d ago

A 2GB update can take 4 to 12 hours for me to download which is ridiculous considering my connection speed is 200mbit down and 20mbit up. I can normally easily download at my max speed from other sources but the PS4 is slooooooooooow.

Not always though, sometimes when I pause a download and resume it it will go faster, at other times I have to change at least something in the manual network settings like DNS, MTU, etc. I feel it doesn't matter what, just that you change something so you somehow get connected to a different server and suddenly the speeds improve 10 fold. A day or longer later and it's back to a snails pace, then I revert back to the previous settings and suddenly that is now faster.....

There's something off...

My only other issue I have is the store doesn't load at all sometimes which is also a known issue, it's weird, not a huge deal breaker but still an annoyance.

Other then those things I'm practically on the PS4 whole days, every day and haven't had issues with not being able to play online except during Christmas last year...

Wh15ky1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Thank you Lemoncake. I was starting to consider that after I submitted the above comment.

Does anyone have any idea what the PSN upload speeds are? or whether they are capped?
I know for a fact they at least match or outpace my download speeds but that wouldn't be hard.

"A 2GB update can take 4 to 12 hours for me to download" - That's crazy, there has to be something else going on there though, surely?
I'll generally download 2GB in under an hour.

Ahmay1250d ago

I get 1mbs per sec when I download from psn.. wired..

lemoncake1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

You need to remember that there is not just one huge mega server, there are different servers across the world with different max capacity and different usage numbers. This is one reason why different people experience different things.

Aenea1250d ago

@Wh15ky Yep, there is something else going on and it really is not on my end when I can download my tv shows at 21MB/s (yes, MB).

Like I said, when you fiddle with network settings or pause the download for a bit it then it can suddenly download much faster tho still not at my full speed. I dunno why, but it feels like you are then connected to another server which is faster...

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Letthewookiewin1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

I can download a 30gig game in less than an hour. I've got 50meg down and 7meg up its not PSN.

Aenea1250d ago

Wow, so you can download faster than your connection allows you to? Incredible!

Anyhoo, it IS PSN, I have 200mbit down and 20 up and the download speeds on PSN are incredibly slow most of the times (like 500KB/s at times)...

badz1491250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

I have a 10Mbps up/down connection and I download everything from PSN with no problem as they are very fast. I'm not doubting you or anything but seriously, how the hell do you only get like 500kbps down on PSN with your 200Mbps connection? I'll do a speedtest on my PS4 after this and put a screenshot as proof.

Letthewookiewin1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Ya I guess its longer than that. I should have said I'm playing a game within an hour because it will let you start playing before it's fully downloaded. Any way I hardly ever have issues with PSN. Been a fantastic service.

Aenea1250d ago

Yeah okay, besides the download speed and the occasional store not showing up while it's not down it's working fine for me too. Only real troubles I had were during the DDOS attacks...

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1nsomniac1250d ago

Sony have repeatedly publicaly stated they're looking to fix the download speed issues yet fanboys still protest that they shouldn't listen to Sony themselves & just accept that PSN is perfect because they say so. Strange people.

paul-p19881250d ago

I agree, i'm on 30mbps fibre optic connection, I checked the download speed on Saturday on PS4 and it was only 6mbps...... seriously?!
I only checked because a 500mb update said it was going to take 15mins, normally it's about a minute or 2.

WitWolfy1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

DAMN my DSL speeds!!!

WitWolfy1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

double post.

Spotie1250d ago

Never done a test, but I downloaded six gigs in less than an hour the other day over WiFi, and that was while my nephews used Netflix.

To be fair, though, it's not always as fast, making me think it's likely AT&T has something to do with it.

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