Should the PS2 get discontinued?

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Bombibomb3712d ago

Sony needs to start focusing more on the PS3 so my answer to this question is yes, I think they should.

jwatt3712d ago

They should continue to keep selling the ps2 because the people who are buying ps2's right now, are looking for the cheap option, they will be the same people buying ps3s 8 years from now when it's $149. If you were to stop production they will probably go for the next cheap option which is a wii or a 360. You have to cater to the casual and Hardcore stoping production of the ps2 is not really going to cater to the casual considering the ps3s price tag.

SixTwoTwo3712d ago

The PS2 is still a huge profit machine for Sony. Its the main reason Sony's Game division has still profited despite the losses they took on the PS3. As long as they continue to support the PS2, the PS2 will continue to support them.

cl63AMG3712d ago

i actually think the ps2 is competing more directly with the wii than the ps3, especially in terms of price point and games with innovation

MazzingerZ3712d ago

Nop, they should not....the PS2 is the PS3's life insurance in SONY's game allowed them to introduce a price cut at the right moment and rather than causing them lose PS3 focus today it allow them to focus more on PS3 and less on how to compete with the Wii.

n4gzz3712d ago

they should discontinue ps2 and make ps3 fully backward compatible.

Ben10543712d ago

Should wait until it gets 150million sales and 10year lifespan then discontinue it, then have full focus on th ps3

Tomdc3712d ago

"King PS3"...? wat a bellend...

u yanks dont no wat "bellend" means i bet lol

Megatron083712d ago

They should of stop making them at least a year ago. Its sad that we are in the the 360 3rd year and the ps3 is in its 2nd year and still half the games made for them are ps2 ports. The ps2 is hurting the gaming industry and holdin it back.

Sony wont drop it cause as many pointed out its a makes a ton of money for them still. However I think its actually getting to the point where its hurting them. They are losing ps3 customers to the ps2 not only that by waiting they might be more likely to go with a 360 over a ps3. All the ps big name games are ending up on the 360 more and more are going multiplatfrom so many will wonder why spend the extra money on a ps3 when you can play DMC4, GTA4, RE5 SH5, VF5 (thats a lot of 5's)and now FF13 on the 360. Could Tekken be the next on to go to the 360 ? and all of less money. Plus the 360 has really big name exclusives like Halo and GoW. They have a few once ps exclusive like Star Ocean and Ace Combat too

sumfood4u3712d ago

Would U stop selling SnowCones to Eskimoes, if they keep on buying it?
Would U stop selling Bags of Sand to people living in the Desert buying your bags of Sand? You prolly wouldnt why stop a good thing that keeps on Chugging? "If it Ain't Broke dont try to fix it" PS2 keep on doing U an let the rest happen captain!

gameraxis3712d ago

whats happens to all those consumers that just bought the ps2, they buy a new system... i don't think sony works that way, theres only one more year left anyways to reach the ten year life cycle...

rogimusprime3711d ago

the PS2 is a cash cow. NO SMART businessman would dismiss it. EVER.

As for focus, sony has more than enough resources to focus on more than one console.

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Sonics0203712d ago

First of all PS2 has not outsold Ps3 for quite some time.

On to the article....I think Sony is gaing alot of money from PS2 and needs it to help balance out the ps3 losses. I also think Sony wants to wait until productions cost drop for PS3 and all the major franchises that PS2 owners loved come out and then it will drop support when the PS3 is the best possible deal and PS2 sales have declined greatly.

The PS2 has started to decline and I think by the time God of war 3 comes out, the PS3 will have had another price cut, Blu-Ray will become more of a standard, HD tvs will be in the majority of households, and PS2 owners will go out and see the PS3 and that is when PS3 sales will increase.

BigBaehr3712d ago

Couldn't be said better.

BulletToothtony3712d ago

i like people with common sense.. bubbles for you

dcbronco3712d ago

By the time God of War comes out, most people still won't have HD. And I don't believe Blu-ray will ever become the standard. Even Sony sells movie though downloads now, I think they're hedging their bet. But I don't understand why people would want them to cut 1 of the only two profitable things in the division. You take away the PS2 and all you have left is the PSP, and it's no software mover. If they did that this year, Sony would see a lose in the 2 billion range again. Right now it will probably be in 500 million range. One person actually posted that the games division is only profitable because of the PS2. Sony's games division has had a profit in 3 years. It has lost over 4 billion dollars. I think people forget this is business and that Sony is a publicly traded company. People most likely aren't buying PS3s because of price, price will remain an issue longer if you get rid of the PS2. Every PS3 sold is at a lose and another year of multi-billion loses won't be tolerated by shareholders.

Chris Hansen3712d ago

But if Sony discontinues the PS2, Microsoft won't be able to brag about how the Xbox360 barely outsold it each month during the NPD results.

La Chance3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

by the the PS2 almost each and every single day of the year 2007 , something the 360 never experienced according to that same NPD.

And the article talks about "forcing"...who has ever felt forced to buy a console? If they stop the PS2 it wont "force" anyone at all , it could just push them to look a little closer at the wii and probably the 360 arcade.Somebody who buys a PS2 in 2008 is obviously not somebody who's crazy about online , or who cares for bluray.By the way , the article fails when it says discontinuing an old console forces the consumer to "...........".Nobody except for fanboys will pick a console because of the brand.

Saying that discontinuing forces (for both MSFT and Sony) just isnt true.Not having the option to choose between a 150 euro PS2 will just push the consumer to look for an equivalent.The guy who wanted to buy an xbox in 2006 for 100 euros will not feel forced to buy a the 360 for 400 euros , he would probably get a PS2 or a Wii.

It could be a good decision and help push more PS3's or it could be a gift to the Wii and maybe to a smaller extent the 360 arcade.

Sony should push the PS2 as log as they can , or at least untill the PS3 has another price drop.

chanto233712d ago

You like Xbox a lot and hate Sony don't you?'s ok

3712d ago
PoSTedUP3712d ago

....for being 9 years old.

stop production when people stop buying it. simple as that.

sony is making money off of it.

BananaSlug3712d ago

sony is waiting for that 10 year mark so they can rub it in everyone's faces

La Chance3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

what in my post leads you to say that I hate Sony ?

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3712d ago

wtf is this guy retarded? I take that back he is freakin retarded!

The sales of the ps2 won't go into the ps3 in one to one ratio like this guy is thinking and NO xbox sales didn't transfer to the 360 sales, the 360 is selling like it is because of better games, and a year head start as only next gen console in the market.

avacadosnorkel3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

I say, "more games...not better".

when things are easy to make you get a lot of sh1t because it's easy to make and if it sells just a little bit it's okay because it didn't cost a lot to make because it was easy...but for the sucker buying the sh1t it still cost too much and that's nothing to brag about.

...that and it's limited to a DVD but it's trying to be HD.

Ogrekiller3712d ago

the Wii, not the 360 there.