Destructoid Review: Final Fantasy IV

Reviewed by Chad Concelmo:

"Okay, Square Enix, you got me. After refusing to refer to Super Nintendo classic Final Fantasy II as its chronologically accurate name Final Fantasy IV, I am finally giving in. With your constant re-releases of the Final Fantasy series, my stubbornness is just making everything too confusing. You win. Final Fantasy IV it is.

Even though the original Final Fantasy IV is still, to this day, one of my favorite role-playing games of all time, I wasn't all that excited when they announced this Nintendo DS remake. Why redo a beautiful piece of art when the original is just fine? To me, it's similar to someone like Miley Cyrus rerecording Etta James's "At Last". Sure, the kids might like it ... but what's the point?

Regardless of my reservations, I knew I was still going to play it. If anything, I was curious how some of my favorite videogame moments of all time would be recreated in fancy 3D (Palom and Porom's noble sacrifice!).

So what is the final verdict? Does Final Fantasy IV for the DS maintain the charm of the original, or does everything precious get lost in the technological translation? Hit the jump for the full review."

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meepmoopmeep3675d ago

i just got to the sacrafice. so far it's an amazing game. who says a recreation of a great game couldn't make it greater?

*cough* FFVII remake *cough*

PS360WII3673d ago

"A warning to the easily frustrated: You thought the no-metal-allowed Dark Elf cave was hard in the original? Just be prepared."

Oh yeah ^^ nothing like added difficulty to an already difficult game