Xbox One 'Elite: Dangerous' & 'The Long Dark' Preview Available For Download

Microsoft has made Xbox One titles 'The Long Dark' & 'Elite: Dangerous' available for Preview at their Xbox Store

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holysmokesbatman1103d ago

Yep, they came out the same day as E3 for preview.
I've downloaded them but still not tried them out.

vikingland11103d ago

Same here,from what I've heard 1 hour isn't enough time to learn the basics of elite dangerous. It's a very deep game. If you go to the xbox forums and go to xbox one genral discussion there's alot of info.

Dlacy13g1102d ago

It was previously only available to preview members but now it rolled out to all so its actually new news.

VER1ON1102d ago

Exactly, now also for the rest of the public.

FlexLuger1102d ago

Nah, its old news! I am not a preview member and they were available to download on the day of E3. I bought elite right away. Still haven't played the long dark. But it has been available since E3 too.